Want to win some Valentine's Lingerie?

Hi everyone, 

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, next Sunday is Valentine's Day, and to celebrate, we're giving you the chance to win some sexy Lovehoney Lingerie!

The prize is your choice of the Flaunt Me floral lace basque or the Captivate Me wet look and lace chemise.

To enter, all you have to do is post a pic of yourself in any Lovehoney Lingerie on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HappierValentines. 

The winner will be announced on the 11th Feb so that you'll have your new set in time for Valentine's Day.

Good luck!

Sam xx

Done ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

I would love the chance to win!... But don't have twitter or instagram. Boooo :'( I'll have to wow my OH with my already-owned lingerie instead!

Waiting for my delivery today then I may be brave and upload onto Twitter xx

Will be uploading later! :D

Already uploaded :) x

2 beautiful lingerie pieces, but i just couldn't break my "only a partner will ever see me in anything less than full dress" promise i made to myself many moons ago! I doubt i have the bust to fill the cups anyway.

Well good luck everyone this won't be one I'm entering because I can't post to either account something like this to have family or business associates see.

MysticalMayhem wrote:

What about protected Twitter accounts? You won't be able to see the entries.

I was wondering this too. Guess it's the price of staying protected!

Same for me. I post pics of myself every week, often in lovehoney lingerie, but I don't want my pics public. :(

I'd love to but I can't stand instagram & my twitter is private :(

I'd love to enter but I too don't have an account on either of these sites.

Actually now not entering..good look everyone else xx

Uploaded ours,,wondering coz our account is protected too! Could someone let us know about this please ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif) cheers

Im a plus size so these will not fit. But also don't have Twitter or Instagram, or photos of me.

So in short not going to happen for me😥

Im sure the lucky winners will be very happy.

Hi everyone,

With regards to protected accounts, we aren't able to see posts sent from there. but if you would still like to enter the competition (and if you'd rather not post images of you in your lingerie over your private social media accounts), you can also send your pictures straight to us at press@lovehoney.co.uk. Just be aware that we may share your pictures (anonymously, of course) on our Lovehoney Lingerie Instagram page, especially if you're the winner!


Sam xx

Hi Fun Louise, 

Both of the prizes are also available in plus size (up to a 3X/4X), so if you do change your mind and would like to enter, feel free to drop us an email at press@lovehoney.co.uk.



Oh I can email??? I am so doing that then..thank you xx

Sharing anonymously is totally fine if I win or not xx

Email sent xxx

oooo I can email? :D ok might enter it now :) no twitter account y'see