Wanting a new toy

Hi all so I am looking at get a new purchase but don’t really know what to go for I already have a few fleshlights and one stroker. I was thinking of a penis pump but not sure wondering if anyone could recommend anything


Afternoon! Would you be interested in a butt plug or prostate massager?

Hi not in to anything anal

There's the mains-powered Classic Wand with the male attachment. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=40123

I don't normally recommend it, but there are so few male toys to pick from I thought it worth a mention. It is a monster, but if you like sleeves and vibrations it could be something you'd enjoy? On the high settings it can get very loud, but low-medium it's not too bad. It's a bit of a marmite toy, but worth checking out.

It depends where you want the stimulation to be and how much you are looking to spend.

Lovehoney teamed up with a YouTube vlogger recent for a review of some male sex toys, which is a really good watch: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2018/06/26/best-sex-toys-for-men-video/

They have also done a male masturbation video on their own YouTube channel which might give you some ideas https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2018/07/03/how-to-have-amazing-hand-jobs/

If you are looking for more inspiration, don't just look in the male sex toy section. Ian mentioned a wand, which is a great choice for any gender, but the majority of vibrators have the potential to work on any gender externally. There are toys that encase your balls and have an attached vibrator to stimulate them. A vibrating cock ring turned so the vibrating part is between your penis and balls will also have a similar effect. If you enjoy the sensation of being licked, then a Squeel or Squeel Go might be a good option, just add some lube and apply the toy to your favourite spots, such as the head of your penis or even your nipples. Combining sensations can also be pleasurable.

Would any of you recommend the automatic Tracy cox penis pump or the blow job master thruster



i think the wand is great but not what I want and looks quite big but I want something that feeling like being sucked or similar


Be careful using penis pumps. They can cause damage to the penis tissue if used with too much enthusiasm!

Personnaly I'd recommend the Dominix Deluxe Stainless Steel Doughnut Cock Ring. This is very comfortable to wear long term (I've had one on for over 10 hours now). Even when floppy, it will lift and push your package forward and for much of the time you will have a pleasant semi. Also, when you wear it GO COMMANDO. You will find the feel of trousers gently rubbing your member to be very nice. And when you can't stand it any longer you will be impressed by the strength of your erection (mine becomes slightly purple and the veins are very prominent). Probably best if you shave the area first, or at least trim it right back to stubble. I'm completely hairless down there .... which is also very sensual.

A simple toy, but very effective.