Warm up that lube!

Evening guys and girls. Just a quickie (If you pardon the pun) haha. How do you guys find best to warm up you LH enjoy lubricant? Or do you even bother warming it up before? Ta in advanced SC2016

We use Sliquid Natural Gel (mostly - we have a flavoured Sliquid one and the Lovehoney silicone lube but they are not regulars).

We don't warm it - we just use it at room temperature as and when we want to. We have a bottle by each side of the bed - blends in well with other lotions and potions so we don't hide it. If any warming goes on it is just between fingertips and palms.

I always put my toys and lube in front of my little blow heater for a few minutes before use. I don't like using cold things on my downstairs, brrr.....

Sometimes I'll warm it up with my fingertips, too.

Never tried but I can imagine leaving the bottle of lube resting in a bowl of hot/warm water for a few minutes before use would do the trick. I don’t think it would mess with how well it would last or the consistency of the formula but I’d say best to check on any effects it may have with the end of a bottle (so warm it and then leave it to see if it goes funky while you continue having a good time with a fresh new bottle)

We just use warming lubes. Sure its cold immediately but it very quickly gets hot. This is by far our favourite and we've used loads over the years. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30596

Can't say I've ever even thought about warming lube. It is stored at room temperature in a number of rooms, so for us this isn't an issue.

We have used a jug of hot water before. We were using two jugs one with hot water and one with iced water for a couple of glass dildos to have a bit of fun with temperature play. It worked well but don't leave it in too long.

We use lube at room temperature. We both prefer a butt plug to be slightly warmed, such as hand heat, before use.

I have warmed lube many times before , just popped the bottle in a bowl of hot water for bit. Can be a bit nicer in the cold winter months!

If you want to get fancy, a sous vide cooker in a tub of water makes a handy toy & lube warmer. You can set the temperature to bodyheat on most models ;D

Never even thought about physically warming a lube myself . Have used self warming lubes . But now you have me thinking about chilling some . I seem to get aroused much more quickly when my nipples or cock have cool / cold water hit them . Thanks for making me concider cooling my lube .

Never ever considered warming lube it's always at hand and room temp, as for cooling lube that would be something I will now look into, I do love chilling my DOMINIX deluxe stainless steel doughnut cock ring for a good 10 mins feels even more amazing when it's nice and cold.