Warming fleshlight

anyone got any tips to how to warm it up well enough? water doesnt seem to do the trick properly, triewd both running it under the tap, running water through and letting it soak.

Ive seen the USB fleshlight warmer on this site but im not sure if its a gimmick, plus im a little short for the month so cant purchase it either

I have found that water does work but if it's not enough for you then the warmer does work as i own and there is a warmth throughout the fleshlight. The heat does reduce during but still stays warm of a satisfying level of heat.

We have those double type radiators, so we cover the gap beteen them with a cloth or towel, then lay the FleshLight on it for a while - be careful though - not sure if it would melt if the rad was really hot! Maybe store in the airing cupboard?

How about the Fleshlight USB Warming Rod? 😊

Agree about the warm water not really working. I have found it loud and sloshy using it after soaking in warm water (even after draining thoroughly).

I was also put off the usb warmer by the reviews.

The heater idea sounds feasible, although i doubt i will have the advanced planning to try it for a while.

Hot water or airing cupboard.

I haven't ever needed to warm mine. I find after using it for a minute or so my penis warms things up nicely.

I'm not a penis owner, therefore not a Fleshlight owner, but if I need to warm things gently I wrap it in one of the wheat bags I've heated in a microwave.

To speed things up, could you use one of those hand warmer things inside it?