Warming/tingling lube?

I really want to try some lubes that will give my man more pleasure, anyone know if they work and which are the best? Or what else might work to give him a little something extra? I know he doesn't feel as though he needs more but I want to surprise him and he always puts my pleasure ahead of his

Have a look at the durex range of lubes the do a heat and a tingle. Good luck

We've tried durex lube before, it tends to get sticky really quick and isn't nice at all, might just be a one tine experience but really put us off, thanks though

Hi there, I noticed these new warming massage lubes have been very highly reviewed and don't sound as though they are sticky :) xx



Also this one has good reviews:


I agree...Durex lube is BAH!

My partner and I don't really enjoy the stimulating lubricants. We find them a distraction or even numbing (in my case) so don't use them enough to give a great recommendation, but I can tell you that there are a few different brands, other than Durex.

Here is the selection of warming lubes at Lovehoney:


The ID brand often gets good ratings and reviews. Maybe start here?

I have noticed ID are popular but I can't seem to find a tingle one. Which do we think would feel better for men?

I don't know if its just me but tingle lubes are horrible, made my bits hurt more than being pleasurable.

I've tried both tingling and warming lubes and have to say I didn't find either particularly enjoyable. The tingling one was slightly more better. The warming was just uncomfortable

I've tried the tingly lube and the mint arousal balms and always find they sting/burn on the genitals but are nice elsewhere, so if you try it and dislike it you can always use it for nipple stimulation.

Ooooh you just brought back painful memories of durex tingle it burnt soooo bad I ended up sitting in the sink seriously ruined the mood! For him try blow job mints or straight after so good old mouthwash! Fizzy drinks work well although hard to keep in your mouth my OH loved it!

Even durex regular lube burned like crazy, would never try them again, I bought the warming caramel...if he doesn't like it I can always eat it on cake lol I've tried the mouthwash but unless I plan ahead it kills the mood me running off, I have all my lubes and toys at the side of the bed so I can use anything I want when I want :)

We use the balm that`s currently available in the 3 for £10 offer in the cool retro tins,mint and cherry flavour are nice,my wife loves to use it.