Watch & Film?

Hey all!

So me and the OH recently discussed having someone watch and film us using on our phone. Trouble is, the people we have asked indirectly who we would feel comfortable with have not been too receptive!!

We're not swingers or interested in 3somes etc, just want to have a laugh and experience something new.

Searching the forum, members seem to either look to hire someone or use other websites.. any ideas where to start? Thanks!

Maybe to start with you could try out some of the live cam websites and have someone watch you that way until you build up to dinding someone in real life. :)

Thanks for the reply Magic

We're ready for it but just can't find someone we're comfortable with to help out! Webcams don't really interest us, more so having someone there with us.

I read just now other members asking some people on swinging sites? Any links to reputable ones?

We used fab swingers a couple of years ago and had some fun with couples on there. It also has single people who would be looking to join etc so i'm sure there would be someone on there happily wanting to watch and film for you :)

Thanks Magic, I'll have a browse now :)