watching sex

My wife and I would like to watch other people having sex but not expose our selfs, we are not ready for swinging but would really like to seeothers being dirty.

Does anyone have any advice or know of any places where we could do this?

You will get better advice from others but I rmeber seeing a programme where couples were having sex and could be viewed live online .

I am guessing that you want to be closer to the action though .

Have a holiday to Amsterdam you will be able to see all and have a nice holiday. Hope this help bye.

Do you want them to know they are being watched?

M101 wrote:

Do you want them to know they are being watched?

IIRC the term is voyuerism ?

Go dogging.

You could try camming, or there are some swingers clubs where you stay dressed. These clubs are very much like a nightclub, but there are also playrooms where you can watch, or perform. You could go to just watch and play together in a private locked room. I'm a huge voyuer, but prefer dress down clubs, where I stay in lingerie all afternoon or evening.