Watersports "wetting" advice


So me and my girlfriend are into all kind of watersports but she has requested me to surprise her with some wetting videos, I thought for a change it would be kind of cool to record it in slow motion But I'm now looking for advice on what type of clothing would be good to wear? tight jeans loose trousers etc.. standing or kneeling etc. .

Looking forward to hear what you might consider fun and hot to see?

My vote would be tight, lighter coloured trousers- much more visual wet patch :)

As for position, whatever is easiest to get a clear shot of really. Standing with your camera on a desk or counter in front of you makes for easy filming (assuming you have a counter the right height of course!).

I think drink loads, wear tight light blue or grey trousers and wait until you are bursting before letting go!

Sounds good Lovebirds, I have lots of different tripods so getting the right height won't be a problem

AsYouWish, Yes drinking plenty of water is a must im not good at holding it in for to long lol i shall practice on it to get the best shot, seems light coloured is the best.

The last time i made a wetting video for her i wore her old tights and my tight short underwear with no trousers, she liked that one, I was eating my dinner saying i need to pee but I'm too hungry to go upstairs oops i can do both pee and eat at the same time, she thought it was amusing me saying it, i think thats why she wants me to make another video and surprise her with it.

"O" Been through all my trousers and jeans they all seem a bit too loose to get a good effect of wetting, I seem to have lost a bit of weight, might have to buy a cheap pair of jeans, Any ideas how to get a good soaking with non tight jeans?

I definitely agree with the light colours and tight clothing thing. I'm always on the lookout for shorts that will show a good wetting pattern and spread. I haven't worked out the best fabric for wetting yet, as most of those I've tried are disappointing. The right clothes are everything!

Hi KinkyMira

Shorts now that would be good at some point, I definitely want to find the right fabric so it doesn't just soak the material a bit and then drip straight onto the floor. Me thinks im going to have to go and watch some videos of wetting to see whats the best material.

A good while ago, I saw a video of a lady in shorts that looked like a woven fabric. The liquid soaked the fabric and spread out across it, with the wetness going about halfway up her bum and similar at the front; I can't remember where I saw it, but that is the kind of effect I'd like to get. Like you, I seem to get a small damp patch and then dripping to the flloor, and that's not very satisfying. The only way I've got it damper round the bum is to sit in a plastic chair to wet in the first place.

If you find out anything, let us know!

I will let you know if i find any good videos, trouble is trying to find good sites that really cater for wetting, i'm finding the normal porn sites dont have a great deal in wetting if they do the videos are named different so its hard to find them.

For the better wetting what kind of underwear do you wear for this? I hear cotton is good for spreading out then soaking trousers.

Got to say i do love how when women wet it rises up around the crotch then goes down the legs, being a man i find it hard to get that kind of spreading i have tried putting my cock upright sideways even pushed it underneath my balls, but i still find it hard to get that slow rising crotch soaking.

KinkyMira i was a member of a popular peeing community a long time ago, I dont think i can say it here as i think it would be breaking the rules, That was a good place where you could upload videos and ask questions.

I found cotton was better than something lacey, but still wasn't great. Lacey may well not have been there at all. At least cotton provided a bit of a barrier, but still didn't spread enough for my liking.

As I'm going to set the camera in slow motion I'm going to have to find some nice music to go with my wetting video, I don't think it being silent will be good enough.

KinkyMira I'm going to rejoin the watersports forum so if you have any questions you would like me to ask let me know.

I think I'm most interested in fabrics and clothes designs to produce good wettings. I don't want to buy loads of clothes at random in the hope of hitting on something good.

I've written a blog post and comment on all this if you are interested (see my profile for where).

Light coloured sweat pants could be an option. They are very absorbant, so the patch should spread nicely

Thanks for the idea. I would think they are, but I would need to find a pair that are tight enough. So possibly shorts rather than full length trousers. I'll have a look!

For underwear try


They go nicely see through

I also have shorts from another underwear company that make cotton thongs and microfiber shorts that either have a noticeable change in colour or go see through. Also try white sports shorts or lycra shorts. Could always try set of jodhpurs.