Hi my wife has said she has always dreamt of me weeing on her and vice versa, This is new to us and wanted to know if anyone else has tried this and can just give us some advice re do's and dont's etc Thanks

I love it! Dos and donts are different for everyone you'll have to discuss that with her

I think that No 1 do is probably to do it either in the bath or in the shower!

I would try her on me not sure I could the other way around but never done it.

It's not something we've ever really considered, but I would imagine a good rule of thumb would be to drink plenty of water (and avoid asparagus!) :p

One tip is to do it in the bath before she has a shower, and drink lots of water before so it's not really strong smelling

not done it (I'm 'meh' about it and no partner has ever been interested) but from conversations and previous threads the questions are -

Where in the house? - in the bath/shower or on the bed with rubber sheets? (lovehoney sells one)

Where on her/him? - from the neck down? face? mouth?

depends on what you both have in mind when you picture it as to what you're both comfortable with.

we have plastic sheets think she wants me to pee over her tits, bum etc she wants to pee on me but not sure where

do we do it before or is it easier after sex?

Would you be as interested afterwards? I don't think I would be,

hmm not sure

DreamOfTheEndless wrote:

Would you be as interested afterwards? I don't think I would be,

I agree has to be before or during, although being a man peeing during wouldnt be easy unless I needed to go before hand.

yep gonna be a bit hard whilst having sex will most likely be before , better start drinking some water

personally id love my man to pee inside during, but as you said this is rather difficult. there are many differnt takes on it and we can only give you different ideas, its best to ask her what she wants

Give it a try, as others have said try in the bathroom first, I would try but doubt my oh would, hey we only live once!

We do it in the shower. My wife likes it on her face but not in her mouth and I love her pissing right in my mouth. For us it's a massive turn on and usually leads to great sex.
Hope this helps.

was my wifes idea she texted me today asking if I would be up for trying it, which I am, think i will suggest in the shower,ours is over bath shower so i would most likely need to sit on edge in bath and wife would have to stand astride me and then suppose could let her bend over whilst i let it trickle down her bum and around and see howit goes

Has she said she wants it on her bum? Or just that she'd like you to lee on her?

id certainly reccomend drinking plenty of water

Drink plenty of water! Not just on the day, but for a couple of days.

Work out where you both want it too

And take it as fun, no pressure!

And have a plan for if she decides midway through that sge doesn't like it