Is anyone else into pee play? I’ve love it and even give myself golden showers. I don’t do it as often as I’d like but it adds a thrill


It’s such a touchy subject as can freak most out but iv had it before n loved it. Receiving not giving. I’m in to being softly dominated n it felt so good. Not something you can mention to most people

I had never even thought about it until earlier this week as I went to a Dom and she gave me a golden shower

I was surprised how good it felt as she pulled her knickers aside and let rip over me and got me to drink her flow

The taste not good but very sexual as she urinates over you - it’s very warm and after you will need a shower

Personally I would do it again


The idea always seems better than the reality here. And the smell is a turn off…

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My experience was very good with no nasty smell or taste - however if the person doing the shower was dehydrated the water would be very dark and nasty - my experience was good and very enjoyable :cloud_with_rain: :droplet:

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nope not for us, we have discussed different things to try and this was hard no from both… also stage fright lol

I haven’t tried it as of yet but I’d definitely like to. My partner has also expressed a lot of interest in it but it’s quite hard for us to try as we have a very tiny shower so showering together and trying it out then isn’t really an option unless we stay in a hotel.
I think it’s really sad that it gets so much shame online when as long as your practicing it safely and consensually it’s not that different from any other kink :relaxed:

Not me. There was one occasion years ago when I was so covered in mud I decided to get in the bath with all my clothes on, so thought the experiment of wetting myself would make no difference, but it didn’t add anything beyond the sensation provided by warm clean water.

We tried it once in the shower as the idea had appeal but neither of us got any thrill from it so it remains one of those things that you can say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

We are into watersports, we do it quite often but not as often as we like. We both give and receive. I am on the receiving side the most of the time. She often pees in my mouth while giving her oral or she pees in my ass while I am wearing a tunnel plug. But when I am giving I love peeing over her beautiful tits.


Yeah we have fairly often. Mr loves any kind of liquid in him so he’s a big fan of squirt or pee.

In fact on Friday night she was sat above my face and thought she’d squirt but instead peed…I literally drank as much as I could.

I also enjoy her squatting on me and doing it all over my cock and balls. I have peed on her in the shower but she’s not as keen but very happy to do it for me.


I was never interested in it until I met my current partner. I always thought it was degrading, but it’s really not. It’s very intimate and sensual, we make sure we’ve drank a lot so that there’s plenty to drink and play with and so that we’re well hydrated.
I expected to not enjoy it, but I love the taste and the warmth. I can’t wait to do it again.


One of my previous partners was into water sports. I found it really difficult to pee for him sometimes but once I got used to it and lost my inhibitions I actually enjoyed it as he was a bit submissive during the sex.

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Dont mind squrting​:+1:t2::+1:t2:

I defo can appreciate the fun of it all and what it does to some but I don’t think it would be my thing unless it was just water rather than pee :sweat_smile: