We enjoyed Lovehoney Oh! The Big Oh! Board Game

So I already just left a review for the board game but wanted to share my thoughts.

Overall, a pretty well made sex board game. The box it was in was very well crafted. The price was pretty good.
Downsides: still largely luck based. Winning the game and the actions you do entirely depends on what you roll on single six sided dice. You could technically never do anything sexy until the end and just land on kiss/massage squares the whole time. Level 3 is also way too short and you could accidently skip most of it (like we did) with a few high rolls.
Upsides: the action cards/dares were very well made. The bonus cards were amazing (they let you doing actions after the game is finished, letting you extend the game for days after basically). Loved it!

We like sex board games, we own at least two dozen or so. This is definitely one of the better designed we have seen and we had a blast playing it, and even doing bonus cards after.


Lovehoney Oh! The Big Oh! Board Game


Sounds like a great review for this :smiley:

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Thanks for the review and thoughts. Been looking at this for a while.

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Overall good game. It’s kinda like the Monogamy game by a little more geared around actual sex.

Kinda a cross between Monogamy and Servd (if you get bonus cards). I have played better sex games but I have also played many many worse ones.

The box is beautiful it comes in


This game was fun we had some good laughs while playing. Had some intense card I’ve played games with more intensity but would definitely recommend for a in home date night.

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