wearing butt plug and/or love egg

yesterday i discovered that my OH decided to wear his butt plug in and around the house, completing household tasks and what not.

it took him a while before he admitted that he likes anal play, and has played 'back there' sometimes when masturbating. but im fine with that, and admitted to him that since we has tried it the once, i had become intrigued in him playing 'back there' but was scared to tell him incase he when OTT with it.

since then we have purchased a butt plug and anal beads for me, and also a butt plug for himself. yday. he decided that i should wear the butt plug, just sitting in the house to test how it turned me on and how much, with him discovering that it made me rather wet. he then decided to try and put my love egg inside me, however we found this difficult as the butt plug had taken some of the room so to speak.

i think we decided that we shall use love egg and then butt plug.

but i was just wondering if anyone else has done this before?


I can't have sex with a butt plug in because my boyfriend dick just pushes it back out again. I think it's because I'm very tight down there. Thought I can keep anal beads in while having sex. :)

we had sex the other day with the butt plug in, with it coming out in missionary but doggy was okay, think because if he was pushing it out with his dick he was putting it back in haha

It does feel nice I wish it would stay in haha. But having said that it can also feel uncomfortable because he's dick pushes harder on my top bone. Don't know if that's the case for you or it's just me? :)

i think we need more experimentation lol. i was majorly turned on by the time we had sex i was just in pleasure constantly haha.

he just loves to tease me and is a very cruel tease at that :)

Lol yeah for sure more experimenting! And going back to what you said earlier they do make you very wet well they do me anyway lol butt plugs make me very shell we say ready for sex! ;)

haha yeahh, well he wanted to sex first before making me wear it yday. so it was a new experience, wearing not for sex like

and i think its given him ideas for the future lol

Ideas are always good and fun. ;)

Hi, I often wear my love eggs sometimes with OH knowing other times not, That is a huge turn on for him to find them there either if we are out andhe has had a sneaky fell.... We both love having sex when I have vibrating anal beads in as he also feels the vibrations. Happy experimenting and enjoy.

yeahh, but when he's working an hour away 5 days a week, and i do shift work it can become frustrating!!

I could imagine but then frustration can be good fun too all that build up. Me and my OH live together but regularly send pics either from home or work certainly makes our days go quicker lol.

we both live with our parents, but can only be at mine due to conflict with his parents. so at the moment its restricted to evenings or when we know my mom n lil bro is out the house for a while.

but its all fun and makes it more intense when together

well after experimenting yday whilst OH was at work, i discovered if i put love egg then butt plug in they fit quite comfortably.

before i took them out, i told him that they both fit, and therefore turning him on whilst he was at work and nothing can be done about it.

however due to it being that time of month he's gonna have to wait to discover for himself how they fit and turn me on, when in the process turns him on haha

I can wear a butt plug during sex providing it's not too big, otherwise things feel too tight and really uncomfortably down there. I love wearing a slim vibrating one though! Great fun

Fair play telling him at work! He was probably pretty distracted all day cheeky ! Time of the month is always a downer when your in the mood. By everything you've said sounds like it will be worth the wait though! He'll pounce on you! Xx