Wedding anniversary

It’s our wedding anniversary on Saturday and we are off to Amsterdam. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to go

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No recommendations but have a lovely time.

I’ve been twice but only stayed in and around the Canal area. Yes it is known for it’s Red light and funny cigarettes but there are lots of things to do. Canal trip, museums such as Ann Frank, historical buildings, many different beers Wines and foods to try.

Never been to Amsterdam so can’t help you there. A little getaway is always great though. Hope you have the best time and happy anniversary.

Agreed, can’t recommend but hope you have a lovely time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy anniversary ! depending on what you fancy either avoid cake or eat cake haha (it has magic powers ) :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

There was a cafe called Barney’s that we loved, the Heineken museum and van gogh gallery are worth a visit.

Don’t eat the cookies :cookie:!!! :joy:


The Ice bar is an experience, and like other comments above, the various museums and the Heineken factory tour are good! Great place to just chill out and do as you please!

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Don’t know where to recommend as I have never been enjoy yourself @BL140505

The sex museum is over-rated IMHO.

There are live sex shows you can go to in the evening that can be entertaining but also can be pricey.

The red light district is definitely worth a walk through and there are some lovely bars around that area.

Just enjoy wandering around if the weather is good.

Have fun!

Never been but it’s a place I’d like to go see! Think you have to walk the RLD surely​:thinking:

Yes I think a walk though the right light district. We went to the moulin rouge in Paris many years ago before we got married and totally before we discovered our love of restraint and such things, when I was a shy person.
I’m not sure about live sex shows, but maybe I’ll have a naughty cookie and then we can have a wonder round and see what happens, I’m not as shy these days but still have body images issues, but maybe it’s time to stop worrying and embrace the curves.