Wedding lingerie

I'm getting married, not until next year mind you.

trying to plan ahead.

i want to surprise my fiancé on our wedding night with some lingerie which does the occasion justice but have no idea where to start and want some advice please

also something that I can wear for her would be a bonus too.


omg i am getting married next year and am having the smae problem i know i want something white or red but i cant find anything that suits the occasion

Well, when I hear wedding lingerie I think of white and lacy- something classy yet also really damn sexy.

Definately something with a garter belt and white lace lined stockings would be great! You could even go for a white bustier, which would be quite handy since it's mainly just one thing :)

Sadly though I'm not very good with men's clothing, so hopefully someone else can help you with that...

I hope this helped! :)

Try Boux Avenue, they've got lovely women's bridal lingerie, it's fairly expensive but I'm sure she'd love it. Sadly, can't post a link to competitors on here but if you google it, the site will come up :) Or, try good old Marks and Spencers, they have some nice matching bra and pants sets in their Limited Edition range. If you want something really sensual and provocative, try Coco De Mer, Agent Provocateur or Playful Promises. If you want to surprise her, I would stay away from La Senza and Ann Summers as I've found that I always have to try on underwear there and I end up fitting in a completely different size.

For yourself, I know that there's a mens underwear range here on Lovehoney but to be totally honest I've not looked much into it.

Long post, but I hope it helps! :)

I'm not married but I think it's quite likely that she'll be spending a good amount of time and effort finding her perfect lingerie for her wedding day/night?! Maybe choosing something for her for your honeymoon would be more suitable?

Here is a couple of products that lovehoney stock that I think could be good for wedding underwear.

If there`s one fault with Lovehoney,i think it`s that there is not enough white,lingerie/hosiery.I would have thought it would be a good seller with brides,plus i like to see a woman in white lingerie,as black and red can be a bit samey after a while!

Ive stocked up on underwear for our honeymoon later this month.
I didn't have anything special for wedding underwear as a lot of dresses dont work with bras underneath, mine wouldn't have worked even with a strapless one due to the style. And considering he had to get me out of the dress it would have been strange to then go and put different underwear on, as by the time the dress was off so was everything else lol.

There is one range from a well known high street competitor that for some reason to me screams "wedding"! I just ADORE that particular line, it is extremely elegant! It would be middle ranged price wise, but the forum rules don't really allow us to put links of competitors here. Sorry. You could try searching for the "Meghan" line on their website or adding it to the competitor's name in your search browser ;) ! It is the most beautiful lingerie I've seen lately and there are several pieces you can choose from to put together as a set according to her/your style! Highly recommend. And have a happy life together. (I do agree with LibraLover however that it is likely a task she is already thinking of and probably would prefer to do on her own!)

Congratulations! It will come round so quickly so get as much sorted as you can early on. I am getting married next Monday! :D

I have made my wedding / honeymoon wishlist public so you can have a look at what is on mine. Although I found that Lovehoney don't really sell that many bridal bits so choise here is a little limited. Maybe with Cazz getting married she can persuade her colleagues to stock more bridal lingerie ;)

Anyway, the few bits I have purchased so far I like. I have got the stockings and the French knickers from the list already and tried them on and they are great. I am going on honeymoon later in the year as we are going for a snow adventure holiday so I am going to get some more closer to the time, probably the underwired babydoll..... Just waiting for it to be back in stock.

I don't need a bra with my wedding dress so I'm not going to get one specially for the wedding night to put on just for it to be taken off 5 seconds later haha.

Im going to get a nice big white fluffy bath robe to wear on honeymoon as its going to be cold and then pick some sexy bits to go underneath it for when things heat up.

WillC wrote:

If there`s one fault with Lovehoney,i think it`s that there is not enough white,lingerie/hosiery.I would have thought it would be a good seller with brides,plus i like to see a woman in white lingerie,as black and red can be a bit samey after a while!

I would have to agree with you there. I have really tried to stay loyal to Lovehoney and got what I can from them for my wedding / honeymoon but they don't have that much. There does seem to be a few more bits coming in but still not loads.

You would think that having a good selection of wedding lingerie would be good for them to bring more customers in who just do a search online as they have no idea where to start..... Then they can get hooked just like the rest of us :)

My wife and myself went shopping together and selected her lingerie. Was a fun day out! As someone said earlier best to try things on first as there are lots of issues to think about before purchasing. As for myself I had a horses head thong which gave out a loud whinny upon squeezing the end ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif). Gets a few laughs ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Right, so I got distracted by the bride and forgot about the groom earlier in my post, apologies! You could wear this for her:
Good quality, now on sale too, I think my husband looks quite elegant in them! Always makes me smile when his "little fella'" dresses up for the night!

Ok, so I got carried away... Here are my other suggestions for the groom for a cheeky surprise: (I prefer the boxers though) (be aware of hair if you have any though!) (I would kiss him right back ;) haha) (cute and romantic fun) (why should only brides wear lace-up?) (elegant AND useful!) (elegant, useful, and kinky too!) (again, watch for hair) (bow tie for the occasion!)

Seems I've just made myself a wishlist... hahaha.

Thank you everyone for your advice.

it really depends how much the wedding costs to how much money I have to spend on wedding night/honeymoon lingerie. I agree with the fact that lovehoney doesn't have a wide choice of bridal lingerie as I would like to support lovehoney as they have top notch service.

is it worth asking my fiancé what she is wearing underneath her dress/suggest what I would like her to wear or just wait and let her surprise me?

"never know" I have looked at your wish list and I have to say that I might have to steal some of your ideas. "Era" I also like your suggestions for me. I know she likes to see me in kinky/sexy underwear so any more suggestions are welcome.

I have never bought my fiancé or seen her in a basque/corset with stockings, is it worth dropping hints that what I like or just surprise her?

any advice/suggestions is gratefully received

Personally i would let your wife choose what she wears underneath her dress as it's her first treat for you as a married couple and then I would buy her underwear for the honeymoon or always give it to her on ur first morning as a married couple.

Yes, I think you should let her decide for herself for the wedding and the wedding night! BUT this all depends on your couple's dynamics and/or her personality. However, if you're not her Dom full time, I'd say "butt out" from this one and just enjoy what she'll have prepared for you ;). Of course, if you see it fit at the right moment (like if she raises the question or some doubts about the topic), you might test the waters with a hint or two of what you’d like. But definitely don’t pressure her into anything and let her have her moment.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to buy her lingerie to experiment with during your married life together and/or you could buy her lingerie even before the wedding, just as pleasant surprise gifts, so she could learn from those what you like and you could also have a feedback if she likes the same things.

Thanks again for your advice

When I get married I'm gonna buy all the white to wear for the honeymoon and go full on slutty and sexy. Cotchless panties, pasties, stockings and garter. I think classy is nice but I want to be totally sexy and unexpected.

I would like to think she would go for the sexy underwear but I think I might need to suggest what I like, how is the best way to subtlety suggest what I like?