We're booking a holiday and we need YOU!

Hello, lovely people!

I have a mission for you.

Unfortunately, there are no secret gadgets or cool Bond-style cars involved. If I could've provided, i would've.

The OH and I are wanting to find and book a holiday. We are thinking of going abroad and these are the places we seem to have narrowed down to so far: Greece, Italy and France (although we are meant to be thinking of a few more, lol).

It would be really, really helpful and awesome of you if anybody could perhaps suggest any places they have been to, any travel agents that they were particularly happy with, if you have had a good experience with a particular hotel/villa/lodge, etc.

I know that everyone's style and opinion is different, but this is the first time we'll be booking a holiday away and if anyone has also got any tips on what to look out for, then that would be fantastic aswell.

Perhaps not a very exciting thread but I've always found these forums to be a great way to get advice on other topics as well as sexy time. ;)

Thankyou! Mwah!


Been to France twice - both times to the same place. A lovely naturist campsite named Montalivet on the West cost of France.

Absolutely love it if the naturist thing is for you.

Also have had high recomendatiosn on 'La Grande Cosse'. again naturist place on the Mediteranean side.

Ive never been abroad but me mum and dad went to both Kos and Lesbos islands in greece and said it was fantastic.

Italy - the Lakes, Tuscany, Umbria, Sorrento or anywhere on Amalfi coast, Sicily

taraman wrote:

Italy - the Lakes, Tuscany, Umbria, Sorrento or anywhere on Amalfi coast, Sicily

absolutely Italy is so beautiful, can definitely recommend the lakes and Umbria too. really depends what you want though - are you relaxers or all action, or explorers...

I like Malta. Hot, friendly and compact. Relatively cheap this time of the year, and only a few hours from London. As always - internet is probably the best way to check it out! You will like it x

taraman wrote:

Italy - the Lakes, Tuscany, Umbria, Sorrento or anywhere on Amalfi coast, Sicily

Agreed. It's such a great holiday destination. So much to do and see! Xx

I'm planning to go to Italy this November and i honestly cant wait! Definitely look online and do your research:)

Belgium was lovely when we went, Brussels Bruges and Gent are all so beautiful :)

Parga in Greece. Lovely place. Not to lively but very relaxing. All restraints are on the sea front. Really romantic place.

* restraunts damn predictive text but how apt for this site

Depends on the Budget - but VEGAS baby (not as expensive as you think!!)

Hi it depends on time of year. if you going now to november then greece or cyprus to max out of temperatures and sun.

i always find a holiday brochure is good place to start even if you don't book with them. it tells you about the resorts and which might suit you best.

Thomson holidays website has really good holiday resort info. if you want a package holidays thomsons is a bit more upmarket than thomascook or monarch.

although i generally book flights and accomodation separtely. i use www.travelrepublic.co.uk really reliable and straight forward.

i love greece france and italy. i would recomend them all. i've just come back from a week in the french riviera. first time there amazing.

my favourite greek island is Santorini. it has become a bit of an upmarket island.

italy definately the amafi coast or sorrento but not a cheap destination.

Rome is an absolutely lovely city if you are looking for a city break

If you want a "grown up" place then Madeira is lovely. Not many kids around, but no where to go clubbing if that's what you want. It is very pretty and some lovely hotels and places to eat.

check out trip advisor

I loved Dubrovnik in Croatia. Its a gorgeous medeival walled city and its very romantic. Also, the city is a good base for travelling more - we managed to go to Montenegro and Bosnia during the same holiday.

Cyprus-Paphos is lovely! If you can drive you can always hire a car and travel around the rest of cyprus and up to the mountains :D I've been every year and its one of the most tunning places ever

Last place we went was called Flora Gardens in Turkey.


But it depends what you want from a holiday

Never been away like that with my partner unfortunately so can't help you. But I hope you have a lovely time together wherever you choose to go xx

Billl & Coo in Mykonos is the most beautiful boutique hotel ever! highly recommended! You'll never want to leave! Jacuzzis and infinity pools on the room balconies