Wet Platinum - Silicone Lubricant

Mrs SXE and I have had our fair share of issues with lubes over the years and have settled on Wet Platinum as our go-to choice for regular activities.

She's very sensitive to Glycerine and hence most water based lubes are out of the question (including hybrid lubes like Liquid Silk). We've tried Sliqued but TBH it just doesn't last long enough for our liking.

Wet Platinum seemed to be the right balance of what we needed (very slick) and we much preferred it over ID Millenium (a bit thicker) which seems to be the leading competitor. However, Wet Platinum has disappeared from Loverhoney and TBH we're finding it hard to find anywhere in anything other than tiny or massive quantities. Does anybody know why this might be?

I have to say that the gradual changes to the delivery threshold is making us inclined to look elsewhere where we've found 150ml of own-branded silicone lubricant for ~£7.

Personally I think Pjur is the best silicone lube sold by LH.