what a good long term butt plug?

hi, does anyone have any recommendations for a comfortable butt plug that you can keep in for long periods of time?

Most recommended tend to be Njoy pacifier style plugs. The model is comfortable and stays in well, metal won't absorb moisture (like silicon, which can then start sticking to your skin) and they're simple to clean.

Friday, I found myself in the position of having a darn clean ass after my shower, so I slipped in the Infinity (by Tantus) before heading off to work. This isn't a huge plug, but it never lets you forget it's in place while not requiring a lot of fidgeting. I would have worn it the whole day at work, except: I also brought in a longer, stiffer, more dildo-like toy, and late afternoon when the office was very quiet, I slipped off to a back room, dropped my drawers, and fucked myself with that toy for ten minutes or so. Then I slipped the Infinity back in for the rest of the day.

Had a very intense 90 minutes with all the other toys once I got home. The Three Bangs Jr. got fully nestled once more. Ejaculated simply fountains.

Hiya Kismet, take it your job involves a lot of sitting down then uh ???

I'd also go with the nJoy. Mine's a "large" :-)

Anyone ever cycled with a buttplug in? Just wondered.


I always put mine in and walk around the house, or go out on quick errands. I've even been swimming with it in and in sauna's....just for that extra kinky feeling. But I can still only leave it in for an hour or so untill all the lube seems to wear off and it begins to get uncomfortable - sad times :-( I'll deffo look into getting a metal one, or a glass one.

Also, maybe the type of lube has something to do with its comfort too? Any suggestions?

All these butt plug folks are wearing them in work! I cycle 3 miles to work and. . .well, just wondered do I put one in before I set off or maybe attach one to my bike seat and ride to work bottomless!! Oof!


Embarassing question. :blush:

Anyone ever had problems with plug trying to shoot out after a couple of minutes? It feeliks like "gasses" are trying to push it out. It's either that or the plug is to big [2.25"]. I'm not a fart machine or anything so I don't think the "gasses" theory is correct, but that's the best way to describe the sensation. :p

Take the seat off and connect a large plug or dildo to the metal frame! I'm sure you'll get some attention then!

But remember to be safe.....wear a helmet.

Ha Ha sexitime-good one!


Vanquish: Maybe its the air that you are forcing into you anus when you insert and remove various toys. Like when women 'queef' during sex? (i think queef is the right word)

The japanese have, as per usual, already thought of that.

There's a video floating around with a girl riding a bicycle which has a hole in the seat and a dildo underneath it. The dildo moves in and out as you pedal the bike. She didn't look like she enjoyed it but it could have been acting to pander to strange japanese folk. :p

Queef is the correct word ;p. It could be that, the toy is pretty big and I put it in and out several times before I leave it in.. But is there a way to get round that? :o

How about sticking a straw up there with it to let the air out?lol.

When you say 2.5" do you mean circumference or diameter?

Or maybe a needle? Deflate my ass? :P

2.25" is diameter. :o

lol. 'pop' your cherry. That's a pretty good size diameter. I need to invest in some dilators and big boys *mind begins to wonder....*

Hahah, good one. xD

It's an awesome diameter! But the next two I soooo want, are 2.5" and 3.5" in dimeter. :P Going to try out your theory now. Wont pull it in and out and just leave it in once it's in. ;p