What about music for sex?

I think music is very important for those moments
Sexsonica has better songs for masturbation and for making love, that's truly erotic music http://www.sexualsong.com

I almost always masturbate with music on (for one, it helps conceal the sound of the vibrations which often put me off). I generally go for any of my favourite bands with a deep voiced male, because I love deep voices on guys. Yum.

As for sex, we usually don't have music on for it unless the music was playing before we ended up getting ideas in our head. Which is a shame, because I do like having music on for it.
My boyfriend discovered a few months back that Rob Zombie really gets me going, lol. Now anytime he wants to get me from 0 to incredibly horny up-for-anything sex kitten with minimum ease, he just puts on that album and we always end up having incredibly hot and steamy sex.

myself and my hubby usually have music playing when we have sex and it always tends to be guns n roses lol

lol and estranged lol

For guys only (or possibly bi-girls) these are some of my favorite songs to jack off to :-D
They are unusual in that they have only female vocals; masturbating while a big butch male vocalist is telling me to "get it on" is a bit off-putting so these are great, even if they aren't necessarily good songs they are very sexy:

My Boobs Are OK - Music Video. Funny and very hot!

Destination Unknown - Music Video. You'll find it on YouTube or Veoh, it's the one with the marching-band girls.

Princess Superstar vs Mason Perfect Exceeder - Music Video.
Okay, so it features half naked men than it does the girls (why why why!? Ii was obviously meant for men so why all the male flesh??!)but the girls talk dirty and the song is pretty hot.

Special D: Come (Cum) With Me. You'll probably get the same idea as me and edit out a few seconds of it but it's very sexy.

Bass Erotica: Lust In Bass.
This one is a very old CD that's hard to find but it has two good tracks on it: E.M.P (Eat My Pussy) and Lust In Bass.

Holly Valance: Kiss Kiss

Quad Queen: Queen Of Quad. Another hard to find CD from circa 1995. Good tracks: Sound Of Me Cumming, Naughty Girls Need Bass,Keep Pushin' Harder.

Roobie Breastnut: Cum On Me, My Three Holes,Spank Your Monkey, Hustler Me, Pink Pussy Trot.

bass erotic is awesome
enigma is good for some, but some people think it reminds them of church stuff, so may be a turn off there.

massive attack is good
some madonna songs are perfect (erotica, justify my love)
tracks from the cool world soundtrack are good too

I lost my virginity with "Dark Side of the Moon" playing in the background, so that still does it for me.

i like abit of boys 2 men, pretty ricky, slowish and romatic types songs

rob zombie - american made musice to strip to strip by.
and possibly the hottest soundtrack ever
queen of the damned soundtrack ... kinda shows im not into the normal lovey dovey stuff so i hope the fiances parents dont read this lol

"Feelin' love" by Paula Cole is one of my all time favourites. It is also on the City of Angels OST (crap film - great music)
I also like Beth Orton: "She Cries your Name", "Stolen Car", "Thinking about tomorrow", Toni Braxton: "You makin me high" and the Cardigans, "Erase & rewind".

More Pink Floyd, not Dark Side Of The Moon but the lovely haunting and seemingly never ending "Echo's"........


I think that Nara by ES Postumous is just fantastic for sex. It starts slowly and builds to a peak. Look it up on youtube and watch the rome video to see what I mean.

Take care

i love the idea of maralin manson tainted love great make out song lol

Pink floyd is perfect for sex! I have made love to most of theirs except "I've got a bike you can ride it if you like it's got a bell and a basket" for reasons you can see :P

Now there's definately a Christmas challenge there Laynie, and no mistake.... red cap with bell on the end !! Just need to find the baskey, of Love Honey goodies perhaps, and surely a bike somewhere in the background in the Laynie household this Christmas.
By the way campers l think we should consider sending Santa some notes re Sexybeast's benches....
Seems he is being worked to the bone and hasn't the time he once had, might just need some encouragement.... things to fuck on a bench, or benches involved in your fantasies perhaps!!
Might help stimulate those undoubted creative juices.
Merry Xmas to you all as well before l forget.
Tallboy xxxxx

Thank you Tallboy encouragement welcomed. To be honest lately we've been too busy doing each other to bother with anything else. But rest assured we will be getting on with the first few and also looking at alternate designs. By the way you showed interest in ownership but if its for you to be stretched over it, we may have to build something taller than what we are working on now. We shall see no doubt in time.
Merry Xmas to you as well, enjoy. xxxx

I like some low key electronica, something like "The Postal Service".

Though, for sex themed I'm sure you ladies would love "The Dresden Dolls" Coin Operated Boy.


happycamper that is a definate tune i love that you can really lose yourself in it x

Me and an ex used to always use HiM's greatest hits album. Has slowish but rocky songs. Very good for any mood.

Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights was always good in the bedroom.
I lost interest in HIM however after some lacklustre albums.