What anal toy should I get now?

  • Interested in Stretching
  • Interested in more Penetration and getting use to deeper (not use to it very much)
  • I get so horny on the weekend and I can experiment + stretch,
  • I really love plugs I have 12 of all kinds glass to tunnel steel ones, to premium silicone, to lovehoney toys,
  • i was thinking of anal beads
  • Or maybe finally a good dildo! What would anyone reccomend so my booty can ride comfortable and so sexual while I watch porn or have fun with my partner erotically? width wise the most I can take is 1.96 in wide but I DO WANT TO TEST MYSELF! + go further, its so hard to choose, I have been trying for hrs now smh all night

thank you!

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Always go for an inflatable butt plug. Gives you a fair bit of play

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I wanted to try Doc Johnson Anal Plug Large Size in black… (looks enticing lol ) its on lovehoney for a good price! normally don’t pick up pvc toys at all and it is around 2 in in width (I hate using circumference in maths :frowning: ) I am able to comfortably take 1.96 in width of glass and a steel anal stretcher from balllistic metal too should I give this a go?

ALSO anyone have exp with dilators? + I haven’t seen too much good reviews with the inflatables what is it like?

EDIT: I do need new toys it seems reasonable and not too expensive so I bought the classic one, what inflatable do you prefer I’ll get another sex toy since that one was cheaper

If stretching and depth of penetration is what you’re looking for then the Doc Johnson Titan Intimidator is perfect but it’s not something you can wear internally while you’re moving around.

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Sounds like you’d do well with an inflatable plug or dildo to try out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im happy to say I actually (I’ve been working so hard at my job at emergency services for my city and the hours are brutal as well as some of the things and I barely have time for anyone I love or my own body as well as playing with myself)
I wanted to say thank you guys for all the suggestions and help :3,

    1. I purchased the large anal plug by DJ at Lovehoney
    1. I purchased an anal dilator set / stretcher its like my ballistic metal one / (the MEO 24/7 anal stretcher that I ordered which was WAY too insanely huge and still brand new just mocking me 3 years ago… but within my size range ! and at a reasonable price )
  1. I went ahead an ordered a inflatable plug as you guys suggested! Thank you all so much mwauhs, but, I do want to ask because I can still cancel it, What brand would be good for the inflatable? I believe you I just keep seeing bad reviews. Does lovehoney have one here?

I love lovehoney because they show all their products on video and are confident about it.
I am spending a little more money than I was going to. However, I’ve been working so hard day to day and I literally had to stay up last night all night just to make content and finish one of the models for my cert Im taking for school + enjoy my own body

So, I do feel like I deserve it and its justified :slight_smile: thank you all.

Okay! I actually had the Intimidator (during rennovation it got thrown away by accident :cry: )) ugh… still kind of mad about that, so they do make good ones! I also have a rumpy (I don’t like the rumpy too much its a little to firm and so intense and I feel like Im forcing myself to get it ALL the way in and over the 2nd bump. It also is the only DJ product I’ve had that smells extremely AWFUL…

Nevertheless, hmm I did buy 3 products when I was searching for one LOL (but its okay I’ve been overworked and stressed and literally 0 time with my hours + getting my certification for school as soon as I come home from work for CHFI (forensics )

So quite honestly I would be willing to spend a little more money :3 or swap one for the other thank you, Im happy its my day off I will check your suggestions !

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I HAD ONE OMG :cry: it got thrown away I miss it, they threw it away while my house was under rennovation. And im not even speaking bad these people were terrible they left my couch outside until I had to yell at them like excuse me, why does my brand new couch have to be on the sidewalk while you are doing work…? (It’s like I had to tell them how to do their line of work) Anyway sorry for the digress, Not the best decisions were made, but I do miss it! I have the Titanman regular smaller cone shaped anal strectcher for now (sitll love the intimadator better, I will actually maybe get it again! I did buy 3 things just now but I could easily swap it out or cancel it. Thank you so much for the suggestion and replying I greatly appreciate it my dear :3 )

It’s a good topic you raise as I find taking anal penetration easier than vaginal and it’s easy to take length over width- but it takes time to get this far

Both me and my husband are able to take over 8 inch but you cannot just go from butt plugs to full 8 or more

It took me about 5 years to be able to take my husband’s manhood as I started when I was in my early 20’s but lube and persistent play made it fun

When I first started pegging my husband it was the same and I encouraged him to wear a deep butt plug for hours so he was able to take a thin dildo - and from that point I was able to go deeper and in later years thicker shafts

Keep going but take it slow :lovehoney_heart:


I’m at the point now where I can take an 8" x 5" dildo without any preparation (except lube) but to take our larger 10" x 7" dildo easily I have to wear my large butt plug for an hour or so first. If I try it without preparation I have to take my time, use lots of lube and be very careful.

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Having stretched for the last 30 years and spent loads and thrown away loads, save your money and buy this Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator Anal Plug 10 Inch - Lovehoney UK
it will save you money over time giving you stretch and length, the top is “modest” in size and the base nice and large though the length will get time to get used to, but with confidence?

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I agree I vaginally it was much easier and I had to let my partner know I am willing to try this (he actually liked anal sensations and tried it and admitted it to me ) but I do have to take it slow it has been about 3 years for me and I have been getting more consistent, it really is the time, my eating schedule, douching, trying to stay healthy and the energy and INTENSITY at first. Vaginally it’s easier to take toys to be honest like u said. The first time I did anal or had even fingers in me I did not like it at ALL. Also, yes having him have sex with me finally after trying to relax it wasn’t as smooth but I did notice my booty is more willing to expand easier i guess? I wouldn’t say its loose. (sometimes I can just get too caught up and very horny and stuff. Im glad i kept trying and I found a rhythm and yesss penetration is still hard for me which is why I’ve stayed with plugs for so long )

And wow, I feel good that someone else feels the same way and it was also harder for them too. That’s also why I do want to stretch not so much because Im obsessed but because I just have been trying for forever (my 3 years is my forever lol ) and it’s so frustrating that I do have 1-3 toys I was confident in taking and I DEFF couldn’t.

Thank you so much, and I do appreciate your feedback, it actually reassures me a lot. slowly but surely we will get there, for my partner he likes it too! same. Took some getting used to for both of us which is why Im glad we were on the same page and we are both doing are part.

Really appreciate this. I don’t ask my friends or co-workers or acquaintances about this or family. I prefer to just keep my private life private (with the community here thats totally fine! because you are all so accepting and loving <3)

I’ll take it slow.

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This is the fourth time someone has reffered it to me LOL :cry: yeah, I think it’s gonna be my next purchase (so I had it before, it just got thrown out accidentally ) the same product before I got to use it as much or practice. (but I do remember enjoying it ! )

I didn’t spend too much ;x when you just have the horniness kick in sometimes LOL i just bought two toys… I wanted things like Bad Dragon in the future but from my experience with thinking I could handle larger toys and DEFFINENTLY couldn’t because the instant onset pain was way too intense I’ve learned.

Thank you <3 Im happy everyone also has a positive opinion and is reassuring.

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I actually couldn’t wear buttplugs for hours or through the night at first and then heard that it is possible… I changed my lifestyle kept trying, and now I can wear my biggest plug for hours and hours without discomfort (except maybe just a tiny bit of re-lube depending on material and base type )

I don’t need much warmup at all anymore ( I used to need like 2-3 plugs 30 mins each , was trying my best ) now I could finger myself and relax and take the plug I want in or just wear one plug for a short while close to it and take it in with pleasure not discomfort.
I have many iciles toys, and I have the Icicles No 27 (I believe the pretty pink cute swirl one, however it feels so weird and uncomfy after some time still (and my biggest plug is BIGGER than that… ) I also tried a silicone longer plug (it deffinently is the length that is bothering me ) So I just have to work on that I suppose :\ !

It also doesn’t go in all the way the longer plugs (idk if its the base to be honest or the length the 27 and this other one I have thats very soft that has a t-shaped actual ergo base…

It’s just trial and error and time… I do enjoy my efforts and my collection in the end even though I didn’t before so I know how I feel :slight_smile:

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Now you understand the cost saving re buying it, if again?

I just bought the Doc Johnson triple ripple American bombshell dildo. Definitely takes warm up, getting that third ridge in is amazing. And also good for depth.

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