What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?

The pegging side of the forum seems to have had a surge recently and made me consider how to get back to that. One thread mentioned dildo pants which seemed like a good way to get practiced again and are shiny too for added fun.


Not quite sure but need to buy OH something for Valentine’s Day or her birthday quite fancy getting her a rose vibe what do people think of them

Anyone tried this one?


We are going to contemplating to order a 5/6mm utheral sound to try sounding on me. And we are going to buy a huge buttplug again to replace one of our older plug

Following on from the thread about sizing and fitting lingerie on the male form, and a passing comment about wearing it “to do the chores”, my OH ordered me a French maid themed set of bra and suspender-knickers.
I’ve yet to try it and it’s not my usual style of lingerie, and I’m definitely not in to full cross dressing but I’ve been looking at the more complete French maid costumes and think they could be fun.
Is something like this still “lingerie”? I’m undecided and wonder if my kink is starting to drift a little….


Personally, I wouldn’t class it as lingerie, I’d class it as a “Sexy Costume”. I’m sure, whatever you define it as, it will add some fun to your chores!

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True enough. It’s just my kink has always been limited to wearing lingerie only. Maybe I’m just getting a little carried away :sweat_smile:

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The Mrs mentioned trying a chastity belt. Mostly so some toys we try out and about don’t move or half fall out when using

I’m about to get some lingerie and a strap on. I really want the new womanizer toy thats $300+ and not in my budget at the moment unfortunately…

I haven’t tried that one but generally I really like Rocks Off brand

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Boo, its out of stock. I’m now trying to spend my VIP voucher before it expires and looking at Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager or splash out on https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/lovehoney/p/mantric-rechargeable-p-spot-probe-vibrator/70281.html or https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/p/lovehoney-high-roller-remote-control-rotating-prostate-massager/a42638g85526.html

It was in the half off section so picked up the high roller.

Can’t double up on vouchers so I still have my £15 voucher to spend and after seeing @JoCat s post about the hood, that feels like a good option!

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One of the fantasy dildos…:thinking:

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I own 2 complete French Maid outfits including layered underskirts plus the lingerie and they look and feel nothing short of amazing.Honestly,in my humble opinion once you have put on your Maid outfit you will not want to take it off.One thing,its worth spending out on a good one rather than an off the shelf almost fancy dress style.You and your wife will love it.

:joy:Just noticed this post was march not may!!!Maybe my next trip out should be specsavers not lingerie shopping.Hopefully you have delved into the wonderful world of French Maid servitude by now. :smiley:

Looking at an LH ejaculating dildo to enhance our role play sessions.

Already have another basket ready to order just cant wait now to have the money to order them. Would add so much fun into myself and my OH’s sex life


Looking for new harness for OH

I honestly don’t know other than some odds and ends for clothing or fet wear. I currently have most toys to create most sensations but if I run across a different idea I’m on it. I am finding I now need to look outside the adult industry for new ideas but they are few and far between.