What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?

OH said I can place an order today and treat myself as it’s our anniversary. So excited to start looking. Don’t think I’ll get much work done today :rofl:


His and hers treasure me basques purple for me black for the OH

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This has been something I’ve been considering for a while, its reduced to £70 and then I have a half off code.

@Gareth did you ever get it?
@batjamboree @monster98 @Lexifer @DJ89 do y’all still use yours? Do you still enjoy it a few months on?

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I did. Got it with the half off discount that was sent recently. Not used it yet though so can’t give any comment on it other than how it looks.

@JoCat - I use mine a lot more now and it’s very good and good power - a bit loud when thrusting but now it’s cold it’s very nice when you warm it up


Does it rate better than a normal vibrator @batjamboree

Yes - I’m not a big fan of the general dildo type vibrator but I love the thrusting action of this and while it’s just a glorified folding the warming funny and thrust is lot of fun and worth the extra money

I used it last 3 nights ago and wow - it is just so much fun


Haven’t bought anything lately. So here’s the list so far.
Kind of worried the mantric is too skinny though.

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Thanks for the reply i have a warming vibrator but it does nothing for me o the other hand I have the greedy girl thrusting vibrator with bunny ears i find it ok but the thrusting id so loud itbis slightly off putting

I have another basket that i am really contemplating buying at the minute!! This forum has made me look at so many new things and there is so much i want to buy now

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Ive got various urethral sounds, and a really large butt plug in my watched list, just need to save up

My OH really wants a Jessica Rabbit vibrator, when I saw the sale I thought GREAT!

Sadly she needs the slimline version, which seems to be the only was excluded for some reason! :pleading_face:

The way my boobs are developing i need some bigger bra’s plus both the wife and i love the look of the LH vintage bliss ivory bra set so we may purchase one for each of us especially at the sale price.

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I won’t lie, it didn’t really hit the spot for us. It was good… but only good.

The size and thrusting just didn’t have the oomph that we are accustomed to.

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Get on it mate!

Thanks for that, the size is good for me but I expected the thrusting to be a bit lacking. I’m giving it a go though, I’ve been curious for for ages and I’m getting it for a really good price. I’m hoping its better for me than it was for you :rofl:


Ok so the Sex machine arrived, I played about with the buttons the day it came to check how it worked but didn’t try the remote until yesterday. I thought it would be fun to try that ‘in use’.
I’m not overly fond of the fast and furious speeds of the thrusting, so this is one toy I was hoping I’d enjoy the patterns on. But the patterns button didn’t do anything. Am I supposed to do something other than press the pattern button to get it to work?

I’m very underwhelmed & will definitely give it a few more tries but this may be the first time I’ll take advantage of the 100 day happiness option.

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Have just ordered the LH Vintage Bliss Ivory Bra Set and the Boudoire Belle Cherry Quarter Cup Bra Set.Do i really need another 2 sets of Lingerie as i already have three times what the wife has,of course i do!!My next purchase will definitely be some sets for her although she really does seem to love seeing me being dressed even more than dressing herself.

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Thanking about a butt plug and anal beads. My OH and I have been getting into some butt play. We’ve really liked it but I’m not sure where to start.

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Plenty of advice on here wantbto try but really unsure

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