What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?

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"Many of us here are LoveHoney addicts and always contemplating our next purchase. I know many have huge wishlists, but what sex toy desires are you currently having that are so strong you're seriously feeling the need to push the 'Add to Cart' button?

Let's all share our thoughts, wants and misgivings and hopefully we can make some great, better-informed and well-considered purchasing decisions!"

Please advise.. I need a new wand!

I currently have a bodywand. But it is getting tired and I am actually finding the ridges in the head of the wand getting at times uncomfortable when using it on my clit. I have heard lots of great reviews about the Doxy wand, but what are everyones thoughts? Any other wands to suggest?

I'm wanting to try the nJoy Pure Wand. I've heard so many good things, I want to have ago!

This possibly, as it would look sooo hot with a basque that Mrs Darth has.


I'm not actually planning on buying anything just yet. But next off the list would be a rainbow dick for me and a blewit for my OH. Now where did I plant that money tree?

Next on my list is the doxy http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28657 I've got a 25% off code for it but even with that, it's not an option right now. It will be mine before the end of the year!

I have a whole heap of DOMINIX restraints on my wish list... roll on pay day!

Lol changes regularly!

I seriously want those coco la mer semi-precious stone kegel stones. They look beautiful and sexy! I've haven't been so excited by a new toy in a long time! <3

Also for wand advise to the comment or before I'd say the Doxy wands are the best.

I'm really contemplating this, but I'm really worried that the boys won't fit in it properly. Although the ex, who I'm on good terms with, has said that he finds a bit of spillage sexy....decisions.


This http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32994 or this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32991
as the missus is loving DP at the moment.

These are really tempting me
I adore glass and this little beauty has caught my eye especially considering what a bargain it is right now! Only thing is I don't have long to decide before the sales up!
Then there's this sexy little number I can't take my eyes off. It's these sales, how can one resist?

then this sensational wet look dress has been on my wishlist ever since I can remember! Also on sale!


then theres this sexy little number that looks lush but my only concerns it being 'one size fits all' only I always worry about onesize outfits, saying that some of my best purchases from here are onesizes

There's a few other bits too but I'm in a wee bit of a rush my games consoles calling me haha!
I know we're saving our funds 4 hospital visits but we deserve some fun too right??? 💟xx

Hey Slinky, you definitely deserve a treat - lol. I have the Love Me Lace Chemise, and it is gorgeous! xx

Shibari rope or bondage tape any recommendations greatly appreciated


I know it's expensive and probably no different from the cheaper alternatieves and I'll have to save up for it... but... but...

Look at it! It's so evil and pretty!

Thinking of a remote love egg but not sure what one as never had one and partner new to toys xx

Really wanting to get some of the new and old flirty knickers, but can't justify spending over twenty quid on undies! Heeeeelp!

I keep looking at this and it makes me laugh because I wonder if that's what a unicorn packs. I want it XD

Shadow Collector wrote:


I know it's expensive and probably no different from the cheaper alternatieves and I'll have to save up for it... but... but...

Look at it! It's so evil and pretty!

It is very pretty, but it isn't cheap. It's on my wish list but not on my likely to buy list. Practicality over pretty for me. Delrin is a durable material so at least that means you'll get your use out of it.

I'm contemplating a washing machine so the only impact toy I'll be getting anytime soon is the hose from my old washing machine. I'm not actually sure if I'm joking...

Scorps, I've no idea what happened with those links the other day 🙈anyway I went for it but decided one of the love me lace chemises would be ample rather than four lol. But you're so right it is absolutely stunning 😍 Its my fav so far from the range (I intend in owning all of it.) It's one of my favourite Lovehoney lingere ranges. Some of them underwhelmed me but others are a cut above; like the enchant me was it, with the midnight blue and black? I was devastated that got discontinued 💟xx

I'm not going to embarrass myself putting links again lol. next on the to-buy-list are; - flirty knickers and I'm unsure whether to try another rabbit the TC one of maybe the desire. Or give up the rabbit hunt and get the tanto (totally different toy I know, it's just so highly rated that I'm thinking I need it in my life lol! ) 💟xx