What can a man do solo with...

A glass dildo
A rabbit vibrator
some lube
some anal beads
a jelly dildo
a cyberskin stroker?

advice please. its my only form of entertainment tomorrow

with all of the above?! you could make some sort of sculpture I suppose...

As I'm not a man this is purely speculation but I'd imagine that the following would be pleasant: use lube on your penis and anus, balls everywhere that feels good till you're nice and hard. then use the vibrator to tease your penis by stroking it, building up to stronger vibrations. add in some anal excitement with the anal beads and when you're close finish off with the cyberskin stroker. sounds good to me at least...

wonder what he ended up getting up to eh onafrisky?? hehe! do tell naughtyboy!

im afraid it was a lot tamer than that. just warmed up the glass dildo and used it on my ass with loads of lube. then i wanked off with the dildo in me.
Might do it again now actually! Anyone wanna help?

tisk, i dunno, you asked, i tried to help...lol, have fun

Well I used the glass dildo again last night and thank god I did!!!
Had my first ever anal orgasm with no stimulation of the penis. I may have found myself a new hobby!

everyone should have a hobby! eh naughtyboy? Sounds like you had lots of fun- I may have to suggest it to Mr M in lieu of an Easter Egg!