What condom for anal

My OH want's to try anal, I am all for it but I would feel better about it if I had a condom on.

Can you get condoms that are a bit stronger that are ment for anal sex.


Maximus 69

You can get 'gay' condoms (silly really) that are specially for anal sex, but any kind of condom that is labelled as extra thick or extra strong is ideal and work just as well for all kinds of sex. Anything that is 'extra sensitive' or the likes should be avoided as they are thinner and will probably tear.

Just don't get any heat or tingle type sensation condoms. NOT nice up there x

I read a report somewhere (I'll see if I can find a link) that found, contrary to what you might think, the thicker condoms didn't in practice have a lower failure rate than the thinner ones and that in both cases it was believed that damaging the condom with fingernails or whatever was the primary problem and that failure even for a tiny blemish was quite likely whatever the gauge.

Ooo now I wouldn't have expected that! x

I don't mind the heat ones Wizzie. I use heat lube there too. Is that bad?

SS xx

I know you are not supposed to use certain tingle lubes for anal (it says so on the bottle). I have done once and it was horrible. I can't imagine enjoying the heat personally but maybe it's just me! X

Hella Rouge (LH) wrote:

All of the info I can find suggests that the femidom is THE choice for anal sex. I know Bonnie's looking at getting them back in as we'd noticed people searching for them on LH. Now we know why! ;)

You learn something new everyday!
Is a gay man buying a femdom for use ironic?