What do I do? YOU decide!

Afternoon boys and girls,

Here's the deal:
In a few weekends time I'm going to home alone. Fri night till sun night. As you can guess, Im rather excited! Nothing personal, just like a bit of me time. So I thought to myself, what should i do? Then it came to me...why not have a bit of naughty fun decided by you! (sort of!)

So, write down any ideas of how you think i should spend the weekend. What I should buy/wear/do/go...literally ANY ideas! Nothing off limits, and don't worry about budget (again, sort of!). Go crazy with suggestions. Then, I'm going to write them ALL down, put them in a hat and then we have our winner!

Hoping it something I've never tried! So c'mon guys, what am I going to do?!


Was thinking a little sexier than that, but they all count so it's in!

indulge yourself in something that takes time and you normally have to rush

For me I'd spend a some time in the Apple store ( luv gadgets ) , maybe buy an iPad, have a nice coffee. Then I come home watch a movie with all my surround on and order a delivery pizza. Then I'd spend some time chatting on here and have a bit of a extensive porn session.

There's an idea , why not watch some porn ( or read some ) that you don't normally indulge yourself in? For example I sometimes try watching S+M stuff or anime porn to see what people get from it.

What about trying some different masturbation techniques like with a lube or film yourself?

Theres some stuff to think about!

Walk around the house naked all day!

Watch porn and see how much cum you can produce in one day!

See if a warm apple pie is like 3rd base! (American pie)

Experiement with fruit!

Sunbathe naked (weather permiting)

Dress up as a full sissy maid, satin outfit, wig , lots of make up, heels and stockings. Post some pictures. Indulge in some hot kinky and perverted chat whilst wanking. X

oder a shemale over the phone to come over ,then get your g'f /bf to watch you being fucked

Keep em coming kids..!

get dressed up as a woman and go to town and flirt with guys in bars

Sex party in your house?

Sharing all your LH toys! :)

go to a carpark and ask to be fucked by anyone film it and put it online

Invite your friends to your naked bonfire party via phone or facebook, let them know they can invite other people. Atleast 2 persons have to be with you for it to be a party.

Build a bonfire.

Get naked.

Light the bonfire you have built.

Put some good music on.

Greet your friends with plenty of affection.

Ask them to join you in the spirit of the naked bonfire party.

Set up tents for the guests.

Get the sprinklers out and the slidy, plastic sheet thing to go skidding on it.

Roast any kind of food you want on a stick perhaps marshmallows or a hog roast.

Dance and drink until the food is ready. Beer, cocktails and wine.

Eat food.

Play kinky games.

Let the night happen.

Clothes may not be worn until noon the next day.

can i come to your house next party SNL?

You're invited lol.

Oh if you don't have a garden or somewhere to set up that bonfire scenario.

You could always get naked along with your friends as well and then see how many people can cram into a mini naked.

I think there isn't a world record for that so you and your friends could be the first to set it.

or try the greenhouse with the lights on

SnL wrote:

You're invited lol.

nice one fancy a chat ?

Don't get out of bed till after noon

Eat/drink all the kind of stuff you mother told you never to

get your toys out, frequently

Watch you top 10 movies back to back

Dress up, full make up, the lot

do one thing on your list of fantasies

ask your girlfriend to make alist of things she would like to ee you do to her or someone else

Everyone's determined to get me to cross dress! Lol. All going on the list tho...keep em coming...

Install a mirror above your bed or big free standing one for better voyeur sex!

Have web cam sex / phone sex / dirty text with the OH whilst away

I agree with the be naked rule day. Love doing that!