What do LoveHoney mean by the anniversary thing?

When you enter your DOB it also asks for anniversary. Do they mean relationship anniversary or today's date (making it your day-you-joined-lovehoney-anniversary)? I am pretty confused about this! Thanks :)

Relationship anniversary, they notify you I think, I think we may have got an offer but I'm not certsin

It doesn't really matter cos it's not used. On your bday you get 10% off, but nowt for your anniversary.

I think it's just to remind you. As most need reminding....... I'm not pointing any fingers, you know who you are :P

there are people who need reminding about their anniverarys? :O i could never forget! we have a mini-anniversary each month (even though we've been together for well over a year) just cause we love reasons to celebrate with each other! haha

Cute, any excuse!