What Do You Fantasise About?

Hi All,

I'm hoping I'll get a good response from this question. I write erotic fiction (there's lots featured on my website), but I'm looking for some more ideas. I tend to write about things that I either fantasise about, or that I know guys fantasise about.. but I'd really like to get a better idea of what you ladies fantasise about, and what kind of stories would turn you on?

That's not to say I don't want replies from the guys in the forum, because I definitely do, but I would really appreciate some honest answers from you other girls about what really gets you hot under the collar ;) Thanks in advance for your replies!!

Well, pretty much everything! I personally like the idea of being handcuffed to the bed and having both my husband and a foxy woman set to on me! I also like to fantasise about having my husand cater to my every whim (i.e. lots of oral sex, massage, anal and a damm good shagging!)

The idea of being on my computor & when i,m not expecting it,my partner to slip his fingers inside my puss and work me up with him then moving on to giving my puss a good licking with his tongue and then me slowing give my breast a massage and take it from thier,i had this long coat once and i was only wearing my underwear and i needed to go to the shops to get something,so i just put my coat on without getting dress in the winter time and the thought of me knowing i wasn,t wearing anything but when somebody looked or said hello etc.. not knowing if they knew was a nice feeling ,like i was in control and when i got home i needed warming up in the bedroom department.

Hi Tracey, l 've come to fix your computer that you reported was playing up. Oh but Tracey while l'm down here l couldnt help but notice.... can you move away from the screen and open your legs to give me some elbow room. My my what toned thighs you have, mind if l just run my tongue along the inside to your shaven junction. Yes yes l will get round to fixing it soon, but meanwhile just you log onto your fave porn channel.... and let me do the rest, now where did you say you kept your Love Honey gadgets !!!!

Greek beach and a film crew!

laying on the beach on a hot summers days & day dream of a nice pair of strong firm hands on my body ,starting from my breast with them being massage and a pair of lips on my neck slowly running thier tongue down to my breast giving my hard errected nipples a suck while massaging my breast & then working thier way down and then open my eyes to realise it,s actually happening..Hmm.

i'm a tiger woman , tiger print body paint or something, prowling around the jungle and some hunter wanting to tame this pussy, but not without a bit of rough and tumble..
did it have to be realistic? i just like the idea of being completely naked appart from this tiger body paint and acting wild. meow!

Thanks guys... your naughty thoughts have certainly given me some ideas... I've been sitting at my computer ages but I'm still waiting for my guy to arrive ;)

oh poor tallboy didnt get a response tracey.. :P hes been under your computer desk for days now!! :D


My fantasy is to go into a garage, say my cars broken down aand theres a group of hunky mechanics maybe 3 or 4 and they all come over to me and start to flirt with me. I respond and the next thing I know one of them slips his hand inside my bra and cups my breast. I dont stop him and the others start to undress me. They pick me up and take me over to the car ramp and tie me to it then one by one they start to touch me and fuck me.

I think having more than one guy is my biggest fantasy. I doubt it will ever happen (married with very straight hubby) but I can fantasise!!! I have loads of fantasys.

Goodluck with the writing let us know how it goes

hi tallboy,my computer been fixed for the time being,i,ve been serviced to & in all the right place,s with one of more favourite 3 headed vibs right up my shaven junction,by the way i hear angelina jolie computer is playing up and if you need any gadgets thier right under my bed locked away in my suitcase & hi flirtybabe , his not under my computer desk,but who ever computer desk he is under i bet his doing a good job and keeping that tongue of his in good shape while giving some elbow grease.

Hi priesty - thanks for that! I've actually written a story about a mechanic (only one though!)- it's on my website www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk.

tracey - tallboy isn't under my desk either, has anyone seen him? My computer is in dire need of fixing :)

my computer could do with some fixing too right now haha only gota wait til christmas eve to see my boyfriend again though..phew!