What does "my OH" mean?

I keep seeing it in forums and Google isn’t helpful.

What does “my OH” mean?


My other half. OH Your partner


Would be a good idea to have a key for some abbreviations lol

FWB - friends with benifits
OH - other half
BH - better half
SO - significant other

Etc …… actually can’t think of any more but could include other ones :thinking:


LH is another common one for Love Honey. I had to look up CNC from another thread (consentual non-consent).

That got me too :grimacing:

Oh good… I am not alone on that one. CNC to me is a computer guided machine that does precission cut outs for manufacturing. LOL


I agree sometimes it’s hard to know with everything changing.

GF & G/F - Girlfriend
BF & B/F - Boyfriend

That might be obvious to most but someone did ask that can’t remember if it was here or somewhere else though lol

Lol… I feel like this thread needs to be renamed

‘Name that Abreviation!’

“And here’s your host….”

Ok… feels enough like a game show… however, navigating the LH forum can be a bit challenging with all of the different combinations.


Now who would present that :joy: I’ve got joey from friends stuck in my head now :man_facepalming:t3::joy:

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For me FBF means my female best friend

I dont really like abbreviations, if you have to ask what a sentence is actually saying then its lost what its trying to convey?

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It always mystified me why shortening refrigerator to fridge, a letter is added! :wink:


It’s like finding out that its quicker to say ‘world Wide Web’ than ‘www’

(Like this post if you had to try it for yourself!)


:joy: Remembering in the early days when people would say got a website www. now people know you don’t need to say that.

BDSM is a variety of kinks … mainly broken down to Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission and Sadomasochism

CNC is consensual non consensual - so forceful sex but with consent

Dom - dominant
Sub - submissive

…. the list is quite large so we could keep going, might be a good idea to get a thread for people to ask certain code words and abbreviations


I saw CNC mentioned recently but didn’t want to Google it in case it produced results I didn’t want in my search history.

I guessed it was something to do with forced sex which I think of as r**e. Doesn’t float my boat at all.

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There are various acronym finder type websites as well where you can filter for specific categories like computers, chat, slang, etc.

That’s what the incognito tab is used for, always comes in handy for those kind of searches :joy:

I know this seems like a very basic question, however I am new here and see this being used all the time and am not sure what it means haha.

If there is a better place to ask these sorts of questions as well, please let me know.

Is there a terminology index for us noobies exploring the more kinky/ fetish side of our lives?

Thanks so much!

Other Half.

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