What fleslight i should buy? stu stamina or a normal one?

so i want to buy a fleslight and i dont know which one buy, i saw the stu stamina one , which is more expensive than a normal one... but what is the diferrence ?? Will it feel more realistic or will it give me more pleasure than a normal one or something? I want something thick but not that thick pls help!!

I want to edit the post saying that im thinking of buying a fleshlight from "bussy" company which is cheaper.. does anyone if that is good or if it feels like fleshlight?

Hello and welcome 🙂

They're not a toy I know a lot about personally but Lovehoney have a great set of Fleshlight guides that you may find useful.


There's also the Thrust range which are a bit less expensive.



(And I'm afraid to say that it's against the forum rules to post about competitors and prices so don't be offended if your post gets edited by the mods later)


Hope this helps. 🙂

Hi buy the tenga air tech it is superb, look at my review