What is it that makes it a butt plug?

try the ramppent rabbit its got bumps swirls and a clit stimulator it vibrates rotates singular or at the same time

hehe but.. if ur a first timer, i dont recommend the rampant rabbit, i tried it, just hurt..... so wide!


fits now tho :D

Hi Everyone,

For first time anal experimentation I recommend The Anal Stuffer from Private Toys(£9.99). I ordered it from Lovehoney a few weeks ago! It is purple, soft and flexible, with a tapered, teat- type tip for easy insertion. It's very good at getting you used to the sensations of anal probing, and it has some lovely ribs slightly further down the shaft. It is quite thin but gets a bit wider toward the bottom of the shaft. It has a handle for a good grip an easy control. Look out for my review coming soon!! Lol!!

There is a good value Butt plug available from Ann Summers. (approx £15) It comes in blue or red and has a suction cup on the bottom so you can stick it to a surface and sit on it! It is really good, and helps to keep the butt plug in. It also has some little rubber nodules on the bottom to stimulate your rim and has a wire remote control attached for vibrations! Try using it on a table, work/kitchen surface with your partner while having sex with them, and you in control of the remote!

For the advanced in anal play, why not check out this 'Colt Expanding Butt Plug' (£16.99) from www.clonezonedirect.co.uk. (source: Scarlet Magazine)

Meep! If you're using a rabbit anally USE A CONDOM! They are made of porous material and can harbour bacteria. I'd recommend keeping your anal and vaginal toys separate, or if you must share, invest in something sterilisable, such as silicone.

I'd second what Queen Mab said, using the same toy vaginally AND anally is practically begging for an infection! Jelly and latex toys are incredibly porous and need to be thoroughly cleaned between uses, but the problem is that they can never be 100% clean. My porous toys are inside a knotted condom, then I use another (with lube between them) over the top. If I'm switching between holes (or me and the missus ;) ) then it's easier to swap for a clean one, and cleaning up afterward is a snap!

For me, a plug needs to have a challenging shape... I mean, a slender, slightly tapered plug is great for beginners, but after a while you crave wider and more varied shapes. I like a plug with a big head that creates an initial sensation when you push it in. Also, it should be able to stay in there and not keep slipping out.