What is the appeal of squirting?

Mr. B is very interested in me learning how to squirt. This has never had any appeal to me, but I am going to try for him. I have read the Lovehoney tips, so I am going to start practicing. In the mean time, can any of you who engage in squirting yourself of has a OH that squirts tell me what the appeal is?

Well I suspect there might be lots of different reasons. As a woman that can squirt, though not as easily and frequently as some, I really enjoy it. It creates or is a product of the most amazingly intense feeling. I am lucky enough to be able to come repeatedly for a long period of time too, and the orgasms that follow after squirting are amazing. Sometimes with more squirting, sometimes not.

As a woman that also enjoy pleasuring women, I have not yet had a female partner that squirts, but the thought of getting my current female lover to squirt is very arousing. Just knowing I have got her to that point, and watching her body respond in such a way would be amazing.

Will be interestig to read other's opinions x

sinenomine wrote:

I have never had a partner who has squirted, but I can fully appreciate that it would be tremendously exciting and wonderful to witness, knowing that I had been able to give her such intense pleasure. For me, watching a woman orgasm is a very beautiful and intiamte sight.

LadyS, I have always thought that squirting accompanied orgasm, but if I read aright, you suggest that orgasm follows the ejaculation?

It's a little hard for me to pinpoint because I orgasm so frequently, i will orgasm before and after, but during is an entirely different feeling and the orgasms that follow it are on another level too. I'm sure it doesn't work like that for everyone though x

sinenomine wrote:

Thanks for sharing that, LadyS. I guess that like most things in life (not just sex), what is true for one isn't necessarily the same for someone else. :) x

Exactly, and seeing as there is so much debate over what squirting is or isn't, I'm guessing there will be a lot of varying opinions on why it's great x

I love squirting! Its like a release :D you go from being hyper sensative and tingly to deflating and relaxed, it's usually like that for standard orgasms but just that little bit better, I can't describe why.

I would guess that lads love it because they can physically see they are doing the job right instead of a lot of moaning which can be fake.


sinenomine wrote:

I'm taking up too much time on this thread, but I think for many men it can go a bit deeper than that, K&C. x

Obviously but I would think that may be a reason men like it...I'm only thinkin from a womans perspective, I could be completely wrong....

If I was with a man who didn't finish yet he said he enjoyed himself...I would be dubious to believe him until I could 'see' he's enjoyed himself


It's only recently happened for us, and sometimes happens to me without my having an orgasm but is still equally "satisfying". It's normally before a climax but can happen afterwards as well and leaves me feeling completely "sexed out" for a while. My husband loves it as he feels it's the ultimate in trust and intimacy between us. I'm still a bit stressed over the mess but someone here suggested a plastic backed picnic blanket to absorb the wetness, which has saved loads of washing and carpet shampooing!

I love it when I make my OH squirt as it shows just how much she is enjoying herself. It's such an intimate moment between us as it usually happens when she's on top. She also says that it gives her such an intense orgasm like no other!

My partner was keen for me to learn how to squirt but it just wasn't happening we tried different toys and techniques, what finally worked for me was a blindfold and restraints.

I lost one of my senses and gave me control of myself to my partner for the night for fun, we were having a great time when it suddenly happened, only problem now is stopping me laugh

It's a great feeling and a great release I am lucky that I also have multiple orgasms but my partner makes me wait till the end to squirt when he plays with me. When we use toys I find i can squirt twice as well as having orgasms but as this is usually a long session I'm unable to move, and it completely exhausts me so much I fall asleep soon afterwards.

If you want to learn to squirt relax DON'T force yourself and enjoy it, you will be rewarded.

No learning was required with us my partner just gushed one time and its been fun ever since,Love getting the sheets soaked or my tshirts from a guys view its dam hot and sexy.

Kinky&Curvy wrote:

sinenomine wrote:

I'm taking up too much time on this thread, but I think for many men it can go a bit deeper than that, K&C. x

Obviously but I would think that may be a reason men like it...I'm only thinkin from a womans perspective, I could be completely wrong....

If I was with a man who didn't finish yet he said he enjoyed himself...I would be dubious to believe him until I could 'see' he's enjoyed himself


I think you make a very valid point, Kinky&Curvy.

Speaking from the male perspective, I remember when I first encountered squirting in porn - which sometimes is fake, I know, but I got so into it I soon could tell, mostly. The point is, I was so blown away by the spectacle of it all, it's like "WTF!? Is that a girl jizzing!? That's hot!"

There's that age-old thing about men being very visually receptive when it comes to pleasure. Why is it that the sight of ejaculation, a body brought to the point of expelling fluid through sexual stimulation, is known as the "money shot" in the porn industry? Well, because the target audience, men (for the most part), like seeing ejaculation. It's a visual certification that ultimate gratification has been reached. Like the biology itself, I think with females it's much more internal, and while there are visual cues, they weren't as pronounced as a jizzing penis. I also think this is why there's a cultural thing about women faking orgasms, and why it was very quickly established in porn (again, male perspective) that female performers go over the top with visualising their pleasure - through sound, movement, etc.

All of a sudden, however (as it seemed to me through my "discovery"), women have an externalisation of their orgasms - they can jizz like a man! Awesome! So, obviously men love this, because they have that visual certification that the women is getting off, and more importantly (according to women themselves - including in this thread) it's like an orgasm +1, the ultimate gratification that men love and seek. Now they can have a female "money shot", too.

All that aside, for me personally it does go deeper, too. I've always got off most from giving pleasure. The female body and the female orgasm are already the hottest thing for me, sexually - no matter what form the orgasm takes. If squirting is the most intense form of pleasure a woman can achieve through sexual activity, then that's what I'll find the biggest turn on. If I ever actually manage to do it, I imagine it'll be a very intimate and vulnerable time for her, as well as erotic, just as it is for me and my orgasm.

I'll stop now, lol. Sorry for the short essay! ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif)

I like when my girlfriend squirts because it means that she's completely relaxed, let go, and lost in the moment. I also feel a sense of accomplishment as I know not all guys can get their girlfriends to squirt

I think I agree with everything above and I'm trying to teach my OH to squirt but I will add one other thing to the mix, I like the physical wetness on me. I'm also asking my wife to pee on me at the moment and it's not easy and we arn't there yet but, it is physcologically linked I believe.

Interesting though the different takes on it from M/F perspective!

From a male point of view when I made my wife squirt for the first time I thought I had won a gold medal at the sex olympics lol. Seriously though from a fellas point of view it is so so horny. Plastic sheets are a good idea though as it can get messy. I'm sure my wife will be on later to give her point of view . Oh and don't try getting you OH to squirt in a swing lol gawdd the swing flies everywhere from the orgasms and squirty liquid everywhere, damn good fun though lol.

I squirted (well more gushed really) for the first time last weekend.

I had tried on my own with a couple of vibrators for that specific purpose but had never managed.

We were in a 69 and my oh (for the first time) put his finger in my anus and one inside my pu$$y. I didn't orgasum with it but it was a fabulous feeling. I did a lot of reading up on this after, just to make absolutely sure I hadn't wet myself and you can squirt/gush with out orgasum.

BUT the day after - omg - (if I was a man I'd have been walking around with the biggest hard on) I was as horny as hell with the biggest smile on my face all day! Even after I had relieved myself in the shower in the morning!

So definitely want to do that again ;)

Personally, since i'm in the "it's definitely pee" camp, i don't find it appealing at all, infact, i'm terrfied of it happening to me by accident and it would be the worst thing that could happen.


I was totally mystied by squirting until one Christmas eve 5 or 6 yrs ago when I was a little tipsy and blindfolded.... totally relaxed and I squinted and I havent looked back since whatever my OH did that night stuck in his memory and I squirt everytime
Squirting for me a much deeper sensation than an orgasm as it leaves me wanting more and more until a squirt a fair amount of times after further vaginal stimulation. G spot. .. before I become so exhausted an hour or two later that I then climax/orgasm abd I am totally knackered. But it also leaves my wanting to repeat those sensations within hours. ....as this is a regular we always put towells down and around to avoid the carpet washing. I can also control the relaxation to squirt as I never squirt in bed as dont want it in matress soaking in...... however due to kids asleep we always have our sessions downstairs with the door secured anyway far to bad and noisy. The key Is relax and a blindfold restraints helped but the more u focus on it the harder it will be firat time. So forget and if it happens bonus..... it a visual display of satisfaction for oh and a greediness of wanting more from me. Xx dont put pressure n yourself but it also helps to start with if other half pushes down with one hand just above your vagina until u get used to it.
Xxxx goodluck hope that helps

Some of you are saying; "I'm trying to teach the OH to squirt" Is it really something you can be taught? I'd never heard of it until I joined this community, and whilst I find the idea intriguing I'm not sure that I'd like someone to try to teach me how to do it simply because they would like to see it. To me that feels like pressure to perform and come up to someone else's ideals...bit like someone saying "here, I want to teach you how to do anal." May be possible. but surely ought to be my choice!

Id love to be able to squirt... It defo appeals to me but can't

I was very apprehensive about it, and my first experience was actually on my own as I was so self concious about it! After that though I was able to let go with a partner, it feels amazing!
Just keep hydrated!! ;)