What mood are you in right now?

Chuffed as I’ve just run a personal best 10k.

Also very horny.


Slightly better mood after getting two night of pretty good sleep along with I went to former co-worker’s birthday party . He retired about 20 years ago and he and his wife look just about the same . Had a good time chatting with many people I had not seen in years . Only sad thing was he has a collection of Studebaker cars and his eyesight is bad enough he can no longer drive . Another mood lifter is our weather is supposed to be nice for the next two weeks before fall sets in .


Very horny indeed if I wasn’t at work think I would be having a solo session right now

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Horny, always horny!!

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Two nights in a row of good sleep and four days of tanning , I am horny to upper levels . Which way to the orgy ?

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Horny :smiling_imp:…… No surprises there then
Roll on bedtime :smirk:


Horny and frustrated!

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