what sex toy bundles would you make?

so if you worked at LoveHoney and got to make the bundles up to sell what would you put in them?

i think id have to make a Lovehoney vibe starter kit, which would include

1x ladyfinger 2.0

1x bottle of lovehoney sex toy cleaner

1x bottle of lube (something like durex feel lube)

and maybe an erotic book aswell.

i think that would be the perfect thing for someone new to toys ect and would make a brilliant gift for a mate.(so much so thats what im planning on putting togther for one of my mates xmas gifts)


depends who it was for "straight couples" i think it would be (Expensive)

tenga egg

basics cock ring

bullet vibe

lube (probably a durex one)

for a female,

a nice bubble bath

a ladyfinger

a bullet

sachet of lube

sachet of body lotion

for a night/weekend away think id have

naughty love heart nipple tassels

classified lace garter


tracey coxs bullet vibe

honey bunny cock ring


massage bits aswell

Yeah - I think a beginners pack is a great idea - especially if it involves little things like sex toy cleaner. Actually, thinking about it, I think LoveHoney are still doing their little rabbit kit - fantastic idea - just without the rabbit!

I think combining these two together could be lots of fun!



His n Hers remote control vibrators! Tho they're both rather expensive!