What to do with handcuffs?


I'm new to the bondage scene and want to start light with my boyfriend by using handcuffs and maybe a blindfold. I'm not the most confident in the bedroom and would like some ideas of what to do once the handcuffs are on.

Has anyone got any tips for what I could do?



Hiya, welcome to the forums.

I own a pair of handcuffs, and you'll probably find that it'll come quite naturally to you. I find when I'm wearing mine, the novelty comes from not what you do with them on, but what you can't do with them on! I love running my hands through my partner's hair during sex, touching his legs when he's sat between mine using my toys on me and so on. It's torturous not being able to do that because I'm cuffed up! Just do whatever you normally do, just enjoy the different experience of not being able to use your hands.

If you don't already have one, a blindfold is also a great addition as not only can you not move your hands, you won't be able to see. Also, if you have the type of handcuffs that separate into two parts, it may be worth investing in some chain (try B&Q!) so that you can attach them to the headboards and not just to each other.

I own several pairs. I use 1 pair per hand with the other end locked to the head board of my bed. A blindfold is essential then you can rub ice cubes all over the body. Made my ex go mad as she didn't know where or when I was going to do it!

Yeah, you should deffinately give it a go! A blindfold is great but try to find one that fits snugly around the nose. I've found that with quite a few blindfolds you can see if you look down around the nasal area! There are some on lovehoney that are good. taking away your sense of sight heightens your other senses making every touch more intense. Also, it's good if you are quite shy in the bedroom because you can feel more confident about things knowing they cant see you. Foreplay with a blindfold on is very teasing and can be fantastic! You don't know where the next touch will be or whats going to happen next. If you have a selection of toys and things to stroke with like feathers or ice that can be very exciting. Just experiment and have fun. Take your time.

I agree with poggle that its good to have a pair for each hand/ankle. That way you can spread the arms and/or legs open. Choose your cuffs wisely. the metal ones can be quite uncomfortable and if thats not what you're after then i'd suggest one of the padded pairs from lovehoney or a pack of silk ties from the bondage boutique range which are good for beginners and comfortable. the ties are quite sexy and non-threatening aswell. Of course, if you'd prefer something that does have a bit of a kinky rough edge there are a big selection on here including studded and spikey ones! Hope you have loads of fun trying out ideas!

x MC x