What to wear OVER your sexy lingerie?

Hi folks

A bit of help required as I'm out of ideas!!
Early stages of a relationship. He adores sexy lingerie, stockings etc. So I've bought heaps from here the past few weeks.
My problem is this...
If we are going out for the evening I like to wear out my naughty underwear and have been teaming things such as a dress over a body stocking, dresses over chemises with hold-ups etc. But I'm actually not a dress person normally and would wear jeans or dress trousers.
But I feel that it's not easy to wear stockings in particular under jeans or trousers as they get pulled down with your jeans lol!!
Any help?? Or tips??!!
Thank you!

I have worn a body stocking under jeans before becuase I have made the top part of my outfit letting some of it show off for a peek at sexy.

I love a maxi skirt or maxi dress for wear over sexy lingerie. You can easily get the whole skirt up but you are more covered if you want, especially in cold weather. Have you tried a maxi before?

Hi Ladies.
I don't suit a maxi at all as feel I'm not tall enough or slim enough to pull them off well.
Probably same reason I don't often wear dresses!
I think I may try a body stocking under jeans and a top. But will have to stick to dresses for stockings lol!

- how have you worn a bodystocking and let some of it be seen? I love sexy lingerie and often want to wear a body or teddy as ‘outer wear’ but I’m worried people will know I’ve gone out in my underwear! Any tips??

I don't wear stockings or bodystockings with jeans because most of them are skinny which means fitted. If I wear a bodystocking, usually I'll have a dress or skirt and some bling jewellery, something that's easy to take it off.

I wear jeans or trousers just with bodies and corsets as this doesn't stop me from moving comfortably and pearl knickers and crotchless ones are quite comfy as well. I can't wear stockings with jeans as I don't feel too confident about and maxi dresses are a no for me because I'm way too short for them, just 5.1

I love layered looks (and the 90s) so these are some of my looks:

Chemise over t-shirt and leggings

Overstretched off-the shoulder jumper over body and jeans

Kimono over vest and skinny jeans

Pinafore dress or dungaree shorts over long-sleeved bodystocking

I don't have bodystockings, but I think that they should work very well under jeans or trousers with either a top that covers most of the bodystocking - or a opaque bra under the bodystocking and maybe a blazer/open shirt over everything (depending on the occasion).

Under a jeans/shirt combo I wear lacy knickers and either a nice bra or a "fitted" chemise (like the famous LH Adore Me (https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33912) - without the suspender straps, as I don't think suspender stockings and trousers/jeans are a good combination. I would love to wear more basques, but I've found that the front stays too often create an unsightly bulge when I sit down.

@*sexybabe* If you worry about people knowing you've gone out in your underwear, you probably shouldn't do it - but I thought Marlon Brando and Madonna had made underwear fit for public view decades ago ;) I've no qualms about going out in t-shirts and tank-tops, and I don't hesitate to open the buttons on a shirt I'm wearing over a pretty chemise or basque. And I've discovered that racerback bras (with some lace detail on the back straps) combine very well with strappy tops of the same colour that are cut straight across in the back. If only it were sommer now so I could actually wear them!

Thanks all for the tips, that’s really helpful!

Men can have fun to when it comes to sexy stuff underneath your clothes, I have worn tights/stockings under my jeans even to work, but my favourite has to be my bodystocking the feeling of it underneath my jeans and top is a incredible sexy feeling, Ive worn my bodystocking underneath my clothes to many places just to name some the Dentist most of us hate the dentist so having fun like this always makes it more easier to sit in that chair. Even to the inlawas house for sunday roast.