What toys are you putting under the tree this year

What sex toys are you putting under the tree for the other half, or yourself this Christmas :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

I checked out the Black Friday sale and bought the GF this -

A little different to the usual toys.


Would be funny watching wife opening them​:rofl::rofl:

Me and my husband spend loads on Christmas gifts for each other but there are 2 lots - those that our girls can see us open and those that cannot be seen by the girls

Over past 5 years the naughty pile is getting bigger and bigger - but this year we are looking to buy a new swing as the old one is not very comfortable

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Hope the swing is not for the gsrden but fits over the door

Yes, we do the same.

We don’t actually put the sex toys under the tree :joy:

Ive bought the little santa style red dress this year. We have a night to ourselves in a couple of weeks so intend to surprise him :blush:

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