What toys can I take on a plane?

What toys are/arent allowed in my suitcase to take on holiday?

I know things with rechargable batteries arent allowed so im thinking battery powered toys.

I dont want to get stopped or have to put anything in my hand luggage.


We pack our re-chargables in our suitcase (+ plugs, dildos, soft cuffs, lingerie etc) and have never been stopped or had any issues but its up to you. I also pack some in hand luggage if we only have that and have also never had any issues.
Check on where you are going also as some countries don’t allow you to bring them in. If it’s Europe though you will be ok.


Adult toys I think are generally OK
Children’s toys: guns, daggers, swords and the like maybe not

Sex toys, I’ve stuck to smaller silicon type items, rather than metal or glass and never had a problem . The Njoy wand may be a different story though

“What’s this sir?”

“F*ck you”

There’s a conversation that could have two very different outcomes


We’ve flown with rechargeables and dildos in our checked luggage. We use the toys travel locks if available and then stuff them inside a running shoe with other clothes to keep from accidental activation. Haven’t ever had issues.


You’re angling for a rectal search again, aren’t you?

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I think maybe a bag full of these may be called for if nothing else:

snakes on a plane

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That’s just so wrong. Clearly that snake has 2 eyes!!!

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Forget Snakes On A Plane!
Toys On A Plane would make a great movie :joy:


As others have said I’d check the rules of places you are visiting to make sure it’s ok. The rules are generally ok for rechargeable toys. Think laptops & phones that don’t even need to be hold baggage. That said we generally take smaller toys when travelling abroad. We-Vibe tango some bondage tape, a paddle maybe.

One bit of good advice I did read was to pack toys in clear plastic bags and put on the top of the luggage so if they scanned the case and saw some dodgy shapes it was immediately apparent what you were carrying and the don’t need to physically touch your toys

Sorry that it’s a year on since the last post, but we are about to take our first flight, to Spain, since discovering toys (a bit later in life !) and would appreciate a couple of clarifications.

The OP said you can’t take rechargeables, but somebody else said that they had. Most of our toys ARE rechargeable, so it would be helpful to clear up whether thats now ok !

Also, we are still a bit shy about all this, so anything thst we take would be checked into hold luggage - we’d die on the spot if a rabbit or butt plug was waved around in security…

Finally, with the recent changes about liquids, what about lube ? Hold or hand luggage and how big a bottle is ok ?

Thanks in advance for any help x

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Rechargeable ok, i can and always have taken my rechargeable shaver, always in hold, lube probably 500ml in case in hold like shower gel say

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Personally if you can, put everything in Checked in a zip lock bag marked with personal massagers :wink: luggage! As long as you have a travel lock in them they should be fine rechargeable are fine as long as you can stop them turning on :grimacing::joy:

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I remember on our honeymoon we had a connecting flight in Dubai on the way to Japan. We were flying literally the day after our wedding and I was using the same overnight bag from the wedding venue as my carry-on luggage for the trip.

We got to security in Dubai and my bag went through the x-ray and seemed to take longer to go through than anyone else. The people looking at the screen seeming to point and giggle then called someone else over to look. Then they looked at me and smiled and sent the bag along. I was struggling to think what all the fuss was, but then realised I still had sex toys in my bag from the wedding night in a compartment I forgot to check when we left!

I intended to take them out as I thought it may cause issues in Dubai, but it was all fine in the end

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As half said. Be somewhat careful of the country you are going to

We are going to Morocco soon and from what I’ve seen… we won’t be taking any exciting toys (sadly!!) Just some condoms and maybe some non-over the top lube bottle

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For clarity and to save embarrassment. Taking toys on a plane is generally fine. Using them on a plane may lead to all sorts of looks, questions, and possible imprisonment - So unless you are into that probably best to avoid.

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