What undies are you wearing today?

New thread as old one was glitchy. 

PLEASE STICK TO THE RULES - will not open another if we have to close due to rule breakers. 

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Black lacy thong x

Black lacy french knickers

wildflower wrote:

Black lacy french knickers

Nice. I have tight fitting button fly boxers x

Black silk thong

Black lacy boy shorts hold ups

I wasn’t wearing any until I popped out so now I am wearing panda pants haha

White lace French nicks

None,like always.

ThSadomasohista wrote:

None,like always.

Same here :-)



White boyshorts with a grey trim and bow

Just stocking tights, hang lose

Currently Harry Potter bikini style pants. Saving the sexy ones for after the gym later.

Black flower print thong and matching bra


My girlfriends silky panties

Pink and gold floral patterned french knickers

Finland flag boxer shorts that my fabulous wife bought me.

Nothing very appealing at the moment as I have been working in the garden. But was thinking of wearing either a black or red thong this evening when we go out with some friends.