What words do you use in conversation for the naughty bits?

What do you feel is good? What do you feel is weird? What are some of the most creative terms you’ve heard?

During the act, different people have different preferences on dirty-talk and such. In my experience, that a “talk with your partner” kind of thing if not a “figure it out as a game-time decision” thing. But I want to know what terms everyone uses for fun parts when in a setting like this forum, or in a product review, or in a conversation with other sex-positive people, etc . . .

On one hand, using anatomical names can feel too medical and sterile. On the other hand, using too many curse words/dirty words can unintentionally be seen as flirty or give a 2horny4me in a conversational vibe.

Since I have gender issues (intersex/trans), we use a couple of terms related to my sexual function and how I’m feeling. For example, vagina = “girl hole” and PIV is “girl sex.” Anal is “boy sex” using the corresponding “boy hole” which sometimes my husband calls the “vacuum” because when he cums in me, it never leaks out. :laughing:

A couple of words are related to appearance. For example, GF calls my genitals the “flower.” When I’m turned on, my labia get a dark red color and flare out like flower petals. My sister, my GF, and other girls who don’t have as much between their legs have a “slit” instead. GF often rubs my sister with a single finger, something they call “slicking the groove” or “greasing the rails.”

I tend to be very childish with my names of things which I blame my mum on how I was raised lol :joy:

Willy, winkie, dinkle
bum hole
bosoms, boobies, tits/titties
Fanny, Minnie mo, muff muff
Mary bush

In normal conversation -
Hoochie or hooch for my lady bits.
Mostly penis, then cock, then wonker if its during my funny half hour.

What terms do you use @ApparitionWriter ? Is there a purpose for the question? Is this for use in a story?

In normal conversation I call it a vagina and a penis. We never used any other names for them when I was growing up.

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I don’t typically use anything too creative or fun, personally lol. I’m just curious how what people use in different situations. I definitely can’t see it not being useful writing research.

She calls mine “My Buddy” and I call hers “My Pussy”…

Purple headed warrior. Id never say it out loud though :crazy_face:

Mrs W christened mine Olly, short for Oliver (always asking for more), hers is the female version, Olivia… :rofl:

She calls mine willy or cock

She calls hers fanny

She hates me using the word pussy

Updating due to recent changes and some self discovery. I have taken to calling my clit my cock, my vagina is still called just that or I call in my pussy.

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pussy or fanny

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I probably most use Cock/Dick or Pussy/Fanny