What would be your perfect Sex Toy ?

My partner and I sometimes have ideas about ways in which our sex toys can be improved .....here is our ideal sex toy

A double rabbit his/her remote controlled vibrator with:

His end being designed to stimulate the prostrate

A gentle vibrating anal probe on her end connected to the main vibrator by a wire

A gentle vibrating cock ring on his end connected to the main vibrator by a wire

Adjustable angles (often double ended stuff does not allow for variation in positions).

A built in tube to carry vaginal juices into him during sex

Hmmm, vibrator: waterproof, strong vibes, couple based, rechargeable, tonnes of different programs and pulses, not another rabbit!! Big enough and thick enough, suction cup (eek I can't imagine what this looks like!)

oo rechargable - now thats a point.