What would you love to try?

Love to lick another kitty whilst they lick myn x


I’d love to be pegged. Just the feeling of being dominated and having an orgasm through anal sounds epic.


It’s awesome give it a go if your partner is willing

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The tiniest part of me is curious about pegging, but there again I did try a plug and didnt enjoy it. Just felt like I needed a dump and didnt feel aroused in the slightest…

More interested in a bit of sub/dom, mild BDSM and having my Mrs swallow my load but shes not keen which I totally respect. One for the fantasies file i think…

Hi I am Alex I am new here. I would love to be laying on a bed naked and different men and women come in and give me a blow job.edited


I’d like to try a fucking machine with my husband watching. Then when I’ve cum I would set it up to give his bum a good work out.

This will remain a fantasy unless LH starts a rental business because out right purchase would break the bank if we only did it once and didn’t find it that much of a turn on.


Hi we are new here. 100% we would like to go to a nude beach.

No problem. @Flutterbye400

There are plenty around the UK. Three of the best are Studkand in Dorset, Slapton in Devon and Dyffryn in Wales

Maybe try just a tail plug…. Though if If really brave… full on kig or fur

Is it common? Do you use it much? Is it part of role play or a nice kink?

We have one.

She uses it on me either anally using the dildo attachment, or on my penis using the sleeve attachment. She always operates the controls. Expensive but worth every penny.

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I would love to try cuck queening. I really like the thought of me having sex with another woman while my OH told us what to do to each other and describe what was going on.

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Exactly what we do. It’s wonderful.


Have my OH watch me being sucked off by her mates


Id love to try pegging, the Mrs has used one her vibrators on me once and it was seriously hot


Asked the question elsewhere, best way to broach this and appeal (got yours :slight_smile: )?
Sounds like a lot of fun to me, and have some ready to go.
Leave them on the bedside? Blindfold > surprise? Picture of said strap-on (on?), lay out the toys and select your preference?

Knockout figure, beautiful, busty young lady in either latex, activewear (romper preferred or leotard memories), or 1-piece bathers where we can pull to the side for an IPL smooth pussy. She loves her toys so we can use an assortment of pussy pump, extender, strap-on, double-ended, and an exhibitionist with a vibrator (lying back on knees) who just keeps cumming (vocal too). Love a sexy fit lady in tight attire, perhaps to be found on holiday post a pool bar meet or this would cost a bomb but there is someone fitting this description on-line.

Would like to surprise the OH with a massive cock but that may not be the case after the fact, buyers remorse.
Suction cup dildo for the OH - call me in you’re thinking of using - mutual play. I do have an order pending with one included but think it’ll be another in the unused basket. I need to try a lot of toys already bought - see exhibitionist.

Have always wanted to watch a sex machine/sybian, and also have control. Same for a toy session where it’s anything goes, crazy pumping while the lady is restrained (said woman mentioned above again).

Stainless. Silicone can feel quite rough by comparison.

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Would love to be comfortable enough to wear thigh highs…

@Natalie … Mrs W here … Do it… you will glad you did, and your man will love you even more for doing it…


Awww… that’s kind of you… i think it’s more about me and how confident I feel about wearing something out…
Though, worth thinking if I have a man… or even want one :kissing_heart:
I’m more interested in wearing something that makes me feel good