What would you love to try?

Im uite adventerous and would love to try many things, what about you??

We're the same, I guess what you would like to try depends on your starting position....i.e. what you have already done.

Both being very open minded, we're up for almost anything.....if you don't try it, how do you know you won't love it?!?

It might help if you tell us what you would like to try and we can all join in from there and build on and give each other ideas.

i would personally love to try a 3sum and explore anal abit more :D

you gotta try "sploshing" getting really messy with food i.e. custard down knickers etc

a threesome or some voyeourism (sp?)a t

Nuru massage fun:)

Nuru massage fun:)

Just started trying out some light bondage with my bf. Neither of us have ever done it before and it's so much fun! Keen to explore some more with some new lovehoney goodies :D x

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Anal with an asian girl

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Sex swing

I like to try more bonage , ball gag and a night with another man no strings attached as only ever slept with OH x (this is never likely to happen pure fantasy )

Would like to try a threesome but I'm monogamous so it's never gonna happen lol

Watersports. And DP

affm scene probally just a fantasy but one can dream

Threesome, but think its best left as a fantasy

Sex with a women and anal

Sex with a Blonde, Asian and Black women... Not all at the same time of course

another woman, and more experimenting, I'm very liberal minded but oh not so although he's purrrfect

Watching my wife with another man or men.

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cdjon wrote:

Watching my wife with another man or men.

Oh yes, that's one of my big turn-ons too