Whats the gag

So, if you were to buy or recommend a gag, what type and why?

Recently tried the O Ring and am a fan…


@CJ29 this gag is similar to the one in my own toy bag- breath play was a hard limit for me for several years due to my being asthmatic. Once I felt comfortable with a former play partner and the protocols that we established to safely allow myself to experience breath play- it was a game changer and I learned that I quite enjoy this type of play.

As for my particular gag, both the strap and the ball are made of Silicone- this makes for easy cleaning and comfortability. The breathable holes in the ball gave me another layer of “safety”. I can be quite loud during sex but not quite as loud during S/m play so I rather enjoy the use of it during sex- while it doesn’t stifle me entirely, it does add a sense of “silencing” me which I feed off of, making me feel those primal energies for both myself and my partner.

Let me know which one you decide on and have oodles of fun with it! Also, remember that it’s not just for the bedroom or a dungeon- be creative! :wink:

The wife and I have a few gags, that or a blindfold are our favorite sex toys these days.

This is my favorite ring gag that LH do, but it’s a bit too small for some oral play. You’ll want to look for a diameter of about 2 inches (this one is 1.5), but it’s still a great toy.

If you’re just getting into it then you have to try a ballgag , this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/blindfolds-masks-gags/gags/p/fetish-fantasy-breathable-ball-gag-training-system-3-balls/a15706g17826.html is a good starter set.

These couple are my favorite ballgags however:

Which one we use depends a bit on what underwear / blindfold it’s paired with (I like the look to match)!

A soft bit gag like this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/blindfolds-masks-gags/gags/p/dominix-deluxe-leather-bit-gag/a29699g49141.html is kinder on the mouth and a bit more muffling. Again it’s a different look, just depends what you get out of gag play.

Lastly, this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/blindfolds-masks-gags/gags/p/dominix-deluxe-large-breathable-ball-gag-with-nipple-clamps/a31953g55921.html is my wifes favorite if she’s feeling very submissive ! :grin:

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We have a silicone “dog bone” shape one as my mouth won’t open far enough to get any type of ball type in regardless of how small

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I recently bought a dog bone gag and quite like it as I have a very small mouth but can bite down on it for extended periods without getting lock jaw :relaxed: Normal ball gags tend to be too big as most are medium or larger, so I’m keeping me eye out for smaller ones for me as my partner doesn’t have the same issue :rofl:

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Hmm never tried a gag before but guess I’d be willing to give it a go

Tied up and gagged drool running down your face wasn’t sure at first but converted along with the restraints and collar


Love that answer…I really enjoy the ball gag too :grin:
Why be boring and limit to one scene I agree :wink: