What's the hype about glass dildos?

Do they offer more pleasure than regular ones? How so?

I do not yet own one, but I have been told they are excellent because they start off cold which some find an exhillerating sensation and also because they are so hard and unyileding you can control pressure really precisely. :)

Not sure to be honest, I havent tried one.

Noon, has now kind of put me off lol I'm not a fan of anything overly hard or unyeilding for that matter. I find that anything made of a material that has no give uncomfortable and sore. Hence why i no longer use things like rabbits anymore.

Sorry my answer isnt very helpful. All i can say is, if you like something more flexible then maybe glass aint for you.


Wow! Hard and unyielding.

Good description Noon.

*will use later when with OH* :P

there good for G spot orgasms ans they have no give, they are the only way i have made my OH squirt, also they are good for temperature play

Glass is a sensation like no other, it is so smooth that most people can use a slightly larger size as there is no resistance when inserting.

It is also great for temperature play as you can put them in the fridge or freezer and run them under the hot tap - this brings a whole new dimension to sex

Even though they are hard and unyeilding I have never had a problem with using mine - maybe because its so smooth and TBH its the only toy that can hit my g-spot so precisely.

It is smooth, glides easily.. hard and cold and is easy to clean because it it not porous. I love mine!

Miss T&N glass is smooth and I find that is doesnt need much lube so may be better than other materials for you if soreness is an issue.

I love mine, now have 3 and am looking at more


...How to describe it?

It's one of those things that really needs to be experienced by one's self to really get a feel for it or understand how amazing it is.

I bought mine- a little curved, as I too don't like straight shapes. Also, avoid ones with bumps at first, especially when you do get sore or prefer smoother surfaces. Ones with waves like surfaces also do well.

Basically requires little effort to bring about so much pleasure. The glass is cool anyways, when inserted it warms up via your internal temperature and has a wonderful massaging effect.

I find that they offer a different sort of pleasure to "usual" dildos and vibes. It's not exactly filling (that's why you have bigger and more varieties of flexible toys) but the unique glass feel is amazing. I'd highly recommend!

Here's my review on one of them. Lovehoney Galaxy Orgasmic Glass Dildo&reviewid=37983#customer_reviews

ghostgirl wrote:

Miss T&N glass is smooth and I find that is doesnt need much lube so may be better than other materials for you if soreness is an issue.

I love mine, now have 3 and am looking at more


Dont think, i would never not try one (everything at least once ) however I've tried a variety of harder toys and it always feels like im hurting my pelvic bones (which im aware you cant hit bone) Its weird and hard to explain.

Dont shun me because i dont like hard toys lol x

I was not sure about them either, until I tried a ceramic one, which is very similar to glass. It is brilliant for temperature play, you can have it cold or warm. And because it is hard and unyielding it can ge much better for G-spot stimulation, if this is what you need to enjoy it better.

Because it is smooth and some glass dildos can be slim and hard, it may be easier to insert for some too.

Also glass is safe, I am bit now scared of jelly toys and the chemicals in them. But glass is a nice option for a safe toy.

And finally, they can last possibly a lifetime with proper care! Another bonus.

Finding ceramic derailed my interest in finding the right glass for myself, but I think this might still be applicable. With a ceramic dildo, I'm able to get lovely, slow languid orgasms that are very different from anything I get with vibrations. It's probably a combination of the firmness and smoothness because squidgy dildoes don't do much for me.