What's your biggest 'dirty talk' turn on?

Years ago with my previous partner we used to sext a lot. He had his own company and was always in meetings which used to frustrate me, so I used to sext him or send him dirty photos when I knew he was in a meeting telling him what I wanted to do to him, pretending I was in his meeting under the desk giving him a blowjob, or bent over his desk while he was giving me a good seeing too (I used to be his pa) and he loved it, especially if he was bored. Occasionally it would get so heated and he would get so turned on that he would move a meeting back and get me to drive to his office or meet him somewhere for a quickie. Fun times.


when im bottom i like daddy/master dirty talk and when im top i prefer a bit more of lead passionate


My turn on is whispering dirty things to a man especially when I’m in a public place and we cant act on it, the built up sexual tension is immense! A couple of my favourite whispers in the ear aswell as a inside leg stroke are :

“Is it wrong of my to tell you right now how dripping wet I am” - Thats probably my favourite public place one.

“Come fuk me like you own me… right now!” - Iv whispered this one alot when my mans been on an important phone call, he aint for much longer! :smiling_imp:

" I wanna be your little fuk doll tonight"

“Its me that’s going to be inside you later if you keep looking at me like that from across the room”


Whispering behind me as he pounds my ass edited by mod and telling him what a great job he’s doing!!

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Never been huge on the dirty talk.
However, a little while ago while I was giving my wife a oily massage, she asked if I would like her to read some erotica.
Sounded good.
Then she said, “however …” and I waited for her to add some kind of downer / turn off.
“However, I do prefer girl on girl”!
That got me pretty heated.
Her reading that stuff was really fun, and at the end, she suggested writing her own.
That’s a turn on :heart_eyes:
Since then, I have written some erotic stories that are our own true life sessions.
We stayed in a hotel for a night recently (no kids) and she read them out loud, whilst playing downstairs.
I found that really sexy!
She read a erotic story she found on the net a little while ago, during an afternoon session and wearing some hot new lingerie.
It was terribly written so at the end she said, “I’ll just make up my own”.
She then came up with a detailed story about a cowboy and a madam and it was really hot.
I had a wand in my hand and we got more and more involved.
We both had incredible orgasms but the whole experience was just so sexy.
Since then, we play a game where I give her a scenario and she makes up a story and tells it to me.
Add lingerie, lube, fingers and toys and it really works for us!
I think creating your own sexy stories is great fun and recommend it, but might not suit everyone.
Love this part of our relationship and it makes me adore my wonderful wife :star_struck::heart_eyes::fire::heart:


When we’re having sex and OH describes what she wants or what she is going to do to me I generally know what’s she is going to do to me by what she is wearing for instance if she just walked in wit red puppy and nail varnish then it’s oral and hand job if she happens to have a thin cigar with her then it’s dominant time inc pegging

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