Whats your biggest insertion, toys or otherwise?

As the title says whats everyone’s biggest insertion? I ask because it becoming easier for anyone to get bigger and bigger toys and dildos, even LH themselves are selling some
Massive toys, although you can get some huge ones from elsewhere.
So as going bigger seems to be one of the latest sexual activities what size has fellow LH kinksters got to, for me and the OH we’ve got big toys but not massive ones, yet, our biggest is we can both take a fist, obviously for my OH that’s a bigger insertion than for me as I have far bigger hands!! :wink::wink::wink::wink:

For me its my 4 1/2" dia. 'compliant ’ butt plug silly thing is i cant get a standard wine bottle in its too wide/hard my wife two hands at a push vaginally, her fist fits fine two wont fit between my pelvis

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A 3* diameter (9.5* circumference) butt plug and in terms of length a 10" long 7" circumference Lifelike Lover dildo .


Lol you probably already know what I’ve tried out from previous posts :sweat_smile:
Length wise it’s a 12” double dildo.
And girth wise I reckon about 5-6” maybe on various objects/toys :shushing_face:

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My biggest insertion an 3.25(10.2 inches circumfence) diameter buttplug and now slowly working in on a 3.5 inch buttplug and my wife can almost insert both hands we don’t want to rush anything but we’re almost there, the journey is just as wonderful as the destination.

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