What's your fantasy?

Hey welcome to the forums, and damn what a good start.

My fantasy today is to bind my gf and have my wicked way with her, then forcing her to cum with her wand

I wouldn't say I have much of a fantasy.

I tend to think about blindfolding, Spanking and fucking hubby with my strap on rather a lot....

But not so much of a fantasy as I get to do it every few weeks when we get some proper time to play 😝

Other than that Im normally thinking about spreader bar and underbed restraints for me and him teasing me whilst I'm blindfolded


My wife is always flirting with my neighbour so I have to say my fantasy would be a threesome with him or her seducing him whilst she thinks I am out. Boring I know but it does it for me.


My current fantasy is having my oh tell me how to masturbate in front of her and order me to do different things to myself. In fact I think that may just happen later.

My fantasy would be for my husband and I to act out meeting again and have hot passionate sex for hours and hours! Stupid I know but it's one thing we ain't done ... Yet lol


For some reason, today I would have quite fancied a sesh on the back lawn, with me lying on the damp cool grass, with hubby ploughing into me hard!

My favourite? I'm dressed in lingerie, make-up and wig, cock cage on, full "sissy" get-up. My wife orders me to pleasure her and another man in any way they want, before making me watch her get ploughed by him.

Not one I'm sure I could live out IRL, but as a fantasy I love it.


My fantasy is to be tied to the corners of the bed, gagged and hooded and tickled with no safe words. Then be forced to cum over and over again until my cock can't take it.


My current fantasy is to be with a slightly submissive/passive young guy in panties. For him to also be in a chastity device and as a result be a fan of rimming/pegging and generally getting alot of attention in that area..

to walk into a bar full of sexy ladies from the lovehoney forum's and for them to turn round and say are you paulsballs and then for them to totally abuse me sexually.

paulsballs wrote:

to walk into a bar full of sexy ladies from the lovehoney forum's and for them to turn round and say are you paulsballs and then for them to totally abuse me sexually.

Sounds pretty hot!

mine for today is to get on a motorcycle with the very fit Ian Somerhalder, have a wild ride on the bike followed by a an even wilder ride off the bike, then over the bike too for good measure. Hell, I'd even let him keep his leathers on!

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Sex outside for me, he want me to toally dominate him.

Mine always involve juicy fruits and honey all over our recently shaved bodies, to end up burning all that sugar with some rough love making

I've had a huge recurring fantasy that I meet a guy and go back to his place. He strips off my clothes to reveal me wearin sheer black tights. He then ties my wrists to the top of his bed with tights. Then he restarins me with tights. He rips a hole in my tights and rims me while he wanks me. As he pulls away he strips off his clothes and I find him wearing tights too! He then starts to wank into them as I watch tied up and helpless.

After he cums all over his tights he pulls them off and puts on a new pair. He then pulls the pair of tights he has cum in over my head. As I enjoy the feeling of cum and nylon over my face, I see him ripping the front of his tights open and we do anal. He them leaves me tied up but wanks me off until I cum all over my tights.


Mine is to watch an older guy make love to my wife and then join in so that she has 2 men pleasuring her....

As in our relationship i am in control 95% of the time my recent fantasy has been that my oh dresses up in one of her outfits and totally takes control.

Wow just reading through all of these so far, some really hot ones out there, and some great ideas for new ones too :)

For us I would say it's any MMF or FFM situation, it's a massive topic/fantasy for us and although we both know it won't happen in real life, it gets us super horny. Just talking about a MMF scenario gets her so wet, and that in turn gets me so turned on too. Talking about taking turns in her, and pleasuring every part of her body drives her over the edge. We've used some fantastic products from Lovehoney to play these sort of fantasies out. Our favourite so far is the vixen good fellow as it is closest to realism we've had so far. For the FFM scenario the good old fleshlight has been the best experience to simulate it so far for us. We haven't gone as far as sex dolls yet (as we can't imagine the experience being much more closer than using toys alone, but who knows in the future).

Sorry I know this isn't a forum about toy recommendations but just wanted to mention a couple toys that have taken our threesome fantasy play to the next level. I'm sure there's many couples out there like us who won't ever do the act for real, but still get really turned on at the thought of it so they need a safe way to act it out as far as possible and toys are the best way to do that.

So as for something different from me, a fantasy is having a hot sex filled weekend away with a bag full of our sex toys in a really nice hotel where we don't put one single piece of clothing on and just have sex for the whole time... where's the fantasy in that you ask? Well what we don't know is this hotel is notoriously known as one of the biggest sex clubs, and there are lots of people who can watch us and are getting so hard/wet seeing us through there secret viewing areas. Both men and women watching our every move, and masturbating while they get aroused watching our every dirty move.

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Mine is

Watching my wife with another female.

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For me it would have to be myself and the wife visiting a professional dominatrix.
Where the wife would be stripped and tied to a cross of St Andrew and made to watch the dominatrix would ply her trade on me from all sorts of BDSM punishment and loads of strap on stuff.
Then for the Mistress to do the same to the wife while I watch while I'm hung up somewhere. Then the two of them do their worst to me at the same time.
Happy Days. 😈


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