What's your fantasy?

I, too, have sharing/group fantasies that are separate and distinct from desires. Wife and I like to talk about them as dirty talk and the safety of knowing it’s just the two of us.

Something that’s been in my mind as a current desire/plan is to take time edging my wife with oral and a dildo vaginally, except every time we pause at the edge I step up to the next size dildo. We currently have a 5.5" (insertable) x 4.25" (girth) with balls, a 6.5 x 4.75, the Kendall 7.5 x 5.75, 8 x 4, curved 8 x 5.5, and 8 x 6. That’s 6 stages and seems like it should be sufficient, but if I wanted a couple more steps we also have a 3 smaller dildos that we primarily use for pegging, as well as the beaded glass that she’s become not so keen on and I’ve used anally a couple time, but I’m not sure if I want to sterilize those extra well first to add a few more steps.

I also haven’t decided whether the less girthy 8 inchers should go before the Kendall - probably. But that’s my current plan for the next time I get to top my wife - I haven’t done anything like that intentionally I don’t think.

Mrs Badger riding a guy reverse cowgirl while i lick her clit and making her cum at the same time he cums in her. Makes me extra hard just thinking about it.
Mr Badger