Whats your favorite item you've ever won?

My bombshell balm that i won on the twitter compition came today (thank you Lovehoney) and it got me thinking whats your favourite thing you've ever won?

Mine is the Tracey Cox glass dildo set.


Also i once won a load of jelly belly, jelly beans which i love!

I actually never win anything! lol I think the last thing I'd won was when I was in Primary school, it was a china tea set, I'd won on a raffle at a fair. I gave it to my gran she loved it. I still have one of the cups I'd reclaimed when she passed 10years ago.

Enjoy your Bombshell Balm. xx

Don't think I've won anything since I won a colouring competition when I was 7. It was James and the Giant Peach themed and I won tickets to see the amateur production of it locally haha. Also when I was about 5 I won a woman's art competition with my interpretive painted rock sculpture of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and I won a cash prize. then someone stole my sculpture. okay rambling now!!

never won anything by chance though! bad luck haha x

I recently won a hotel stay at a REALLY expensive hotel that I have yet to cash in. I tend to win quite a lot of things from lots of different companies- T-shirts, jewellery, raffles, money etc, though I tend to have an aweful lot of bad luck too, so it all evens itself out :)

I never win anything

I never normally win anything but I did win the riding crop on her recently and we both love it x

Naughty nurse 85 wrote:

I never normally win anything but I did win the riding crop on her recently and we both love it x

It is fab isn't it NN! Don't you just love the sound it makes. TWACK

We were 1 number off the lottery jackpot once. Won just 2.5k :(, spent it on wedding though :)

A £150 designer wine ice bucket... it is awesome and great for my glass toys.

I've won the LH review of the month and model of the month before which was awesome.

At school I won student of the year at least 4 times... when really you were only meant to win it once... yeah I was such a geek.

Other than those things, I've really only won small things.

a picnic bag and a load of vouchers for stuff to put in it. the vouchers were worth around £10

Only thing I have ever won, was an electric hammer drill! At the time I had no use for it, but over the years I burnt it have due to building work!

an iPad 2 and a luxury weekend in Venice for me! :)

a pair of d.m's

I won a pack of 6 Tenga Eggs recently in a Twitter giveaway. That is my first time winning a prize ever! I was chuffed! (Okay I did win a book when I was a kid) I have also won oh! points occasionally for model of the month.

Im really unlucky, i have never won anything :(

I win nothing.

I'm saving all my luck for a big EM :)

My favourite is my Brad Pitt and Joseph fiennes hand drawn and signed pictures
Or my hellraiser signed photographs

But I did win 6 bottles of sliquid few months ago which was awesome :)

I was lucky enough to win a prize from LH after cmmenting on a blog. It was a fleshlight which i know are really expensive, being new to sex toys and a somewhat curious stage of my life (i'm 27 but a very late bloomer) it was a timely gift.

It seems amost too expensiveto use and as each day passes im more tempted to buy a different insert making it potentially a rather expensive gift.

That being said it has made me a loyal, if not sporadic, customer.

I've won quite a lot of sex toys since I joined Lovehoney a year and a half ago. Some of the most notable prizes are my Fun Factory Stronic Eins, We-Vibe Tango, Tantus Echo, Lelo Tiani, Nexus Revo 2, Bound to Tease Wrist Cuffs, Bondage Bow and Tenga Vacuum Cup.

I won a happy rabbit when they were launched, Twitter give away. I have just received a bondage bow from another give away. Not tried it yet.