When did you last have sex?

Last night.
The wife had clearly seen something she liked online as she took me hard in Amazon position until she came. Then switched to reverse Amazon taking me deep as she played with herself and me. I felt her squirt as it ran down me and sent me over the edge.


We seem to have hit a dry spell, only once over the Christmas holidays and the usual tradition of starting the New Year in style didn’t happen either.

Still they say that you can have too much of a good thing. So a period of abstinence might be good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Had such an incredible session last night.

We’d gone for a shower together and whilst getting out my wife got on her knees and gave me a BJ. That carried on into the bedroom where she continued to blow my mind. She then mentioned she wanted to peg me so I bent over the bed and took that for a while.

I returned the favour and bent her over the bed where she had two orgasms.

We then tried something we’ve not done in a while in spooning which was lovely as I could grab every part of her body.

She had one more orgasm in that position before I finished inside her. Such a phenomenal evening!


10 minutes ago. I jumped him when he came in from work. Poor guy!


That’s pretty much my go-to time. And fortunately, my husband knows to expect me to be waiting in the garage for him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did it that way this evening, and I had trouble waiting even that long. I never manage to hold back all the creamy drippy stuff when I’m ready to go.


Just now.

I can’t believe that happened.
It had not been a great few days.
I’ve been surprised by my ability to talk calmly though. I think my OH has found my kindness and understanding towards her to be a huge turn on

We started talking about a tough situation. OH has just left the room after shagging me beautifully. More open and expressive than what I’d call normal for us. We started making love tenderly, lots of foreplay etc … it ended with toys, vigorous fucking and loud orgasms.

But there was more to it than that. It felt ‘raw’ (for lack of a better term). I’m not sure which emotions I’m feeling to be honest. That was fucking great, and so unexpected.

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Last September :weary:

This morning.

An epic morning.

First she hung me on the spreader bars then used the flogger and the crop on my ass and thighs.

When she’d finished she put on the strap-on and made me take it in my mouth first, then in my ass then back in my mouth (after the clean up).

Next she took off the strap-on and had me on my knees licking her to orgasm.

Finally she strapped the Rocks Off vibrator to my penis and put my wrists and ankles in the hogtie. I was building up nicely towards an orgasm when she smiled wickedly and left me alone in the room. That’s when I realised that if I came I had no way of turning off the vibrator so I would have to endure post-orgasm torture till she came back.
From that point on I was fighting to hold back my orgasm till she came back. I did quite well but not well enough so by the time she got back I had come and was in wonderful agony with the vibrator still buzzing away on my hypersensitive glans.

A wonderful morning but I don’t know how many of them I could take at my age.


Last night. He gets out of the shower, grabs hold of me, “forces” himself in my mouth and face f••ks me. After he’s finished with me, he bends me the bed and holds me down by head and finishes deep :hot_face:


This morning .

Her favourite position.

Me sitting behind her in bed. Her leaning against my chest and masturbating to orgasm using toys.
This time she started with a suction toy, switched to a Sqweel 2 then ended up with a bullet.

I love watching and listening to her come and come. I love the sounds she makes and the way she squirms as she gets close then she suddenly tenses up, makes a wonderful moaning sound then relaxes completely .

It’s not completely altruistic though as when she’s squirming around she’s also rubbing against my cock cage and my clamped nipples.


Night before last. Gave the Mrs several orgasms orally. We switched up our positioning into 69 where she came again while I also used a dildo on her. (this one: BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch - Lovehoney US) I ended up finishing in her mouth. Fun times!!


Last night, a little light bondage for the wife. Ties to the bed and blind folded. So many details, but teased and edged her for quite awhile before bringing her to multiple orgasms using a variety of toys, butt plugs and finishing with PIV and PIA.


Last night :fire::fire:


on more of a dry spell than I would like to admit. :thinking:
we’ve only had PIV sex once since OHs surgery in September. :unamused:
Sunday is our typical “fun day”, here’s hoping I will have something to report to you all soon.

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This morning both woke up feeling horny
Started mutual play, then I ask my wife what she wanted
She replied You can give me a little lick If you want
So I went down on her and gave her oral
She orgasmed I’m about 3 mins, I then moved up and entered her PIV missionary position she was very wet
But still managed to make me cum in about the sametime (I was feeling so horny as not erectulated in a few days) :sweat_drops:
She then told me that she had already masturbated in the early hours, probably why she was so wet
Happy Saturday :sweat_drops:


This morning.

Last night my wife picked a random card from our BDSM dares set. It said “20 lashes with a flogger”, so that was this mornings starter activity.

I was wearing my anal hook chained to my slave collar and my hands were cuffed behind my back so she placed the 20 lashes on my chest, stomach and thighs. She’s getting more accurate now with some practice.

Afterwards she had me knelt on the bed still restrained and was slowly stroking my penis when she decided that she wanted to watch me masturbate and come.

She uncuffed my hands and gave me the Fleshlight Quickshot to use but she wanted a show so I started off very slowly and gradually built myself up until I came hard. She was well pleased and I was exhausted.

Tomorrow will be her day for sure.


This morning. It’s been a few days so it was a bit messy :face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum::sweat_drops:


been a few days but after a few drinks later she’ll be walking like john wayne in the morning

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Last night, we are two busy parents with work and parenting. So we made a promise to do it at least twice a week! But he got them juices flowing last night.


Few weeks ago.
Im 50 wife is 54 with no desire anymore (which i regret not nailing it daily back when she was always wanting it and i was tired/lazy)
Masturbation is fine but sometimes I have to get a little created to make it more real LOL.

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