When did you last have sex?

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Saturday night. Lots of oral and we came together and was very loud


Full blown eight days ago, a couple of lovely hand jobs inbetween

About half an hour ago. My husband had to leave early for work, so I was awake at 5 being shagged.


Ages and ages and ages ago.........

This morning I was shaving my wife's pubic area so while I was down there I took the opportunity to try out our new vibrator.

Judging by the sounds she made it works very well.

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Two years and 3 months ago, (not that I'm counting) sadly we may never manage sex ever again.

Nearly a year now, and even then we didn't get very far. Aside from that we've had one play around in the last couple of years, such has been the mixed nature of my wife's mental health. Incredibly frustrating, but it is what it is.

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Twice last night very long and hard shattered today but worth it

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Last night after my work Christmas party. My husband was awake when I got home at about 0130 and I got “told off” for being out so late. It was very good. It meant less sleep and now I have 2 children to look after but I don’t regret it and the bonus was I could be louder as it was guaranteed the children were asleep


Hand job on Wednesday

2 hours ago.


We have famiy staying with us so we found a quiet toy and went with that.

Yesterday, spent all afternoon in a hotel room, enjoying ourselves and each other.

Hand job last night

In about ten minutes

oh just getting her sexy outfits on, wet look and boots

anticipating clamps and spanking

A couple of weeks now, but we've both got the flu ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif)

Few days ago, my wife says I've opened Pandora's box, we've "found" my wifes G spot( not quite where most seem to say it is ) also have been trying some other "lets just say 'enhancements' " which have added a much greater feeling to our enjoyment for both of us.

Me again and again I've just had good sex dressed up in school girl dress a nd thigh length socks got a good licking he loved it so did I think I was a bit loud so neighbours probably heard to haha love it